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Madison, Wis. city directory 1898-9. Contains a complete business, street and general directory. Angell's patent numerical directory, and roster of Wisconsin regiments in the Civil War, list of city, county, state and federal officers, churches, schools, secret and benevolent societies, and public buildings; also, a directory of the faculty, societies and students of the University of Wisconsin

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niw.Lriuil bUPPJiUi WhoIl-  iW  32
     LI'I    DDIR $Whoesale--T-Prices2 3
   TRE                 363
Trettien August W. (wf Mary), student, h I
Trimmer Annie E (wid John D.), h E Gor
Trimmer Thomas, wrks W. C. Co., h E Gc
Tripp George E., lawyer, h W Main, 3d fl
Troan Edward I. (wf losie 1L. [Troan &Shii
  h E Gorham                                 724
Troan Ingebreth E. (wf Carrie B.), [Troan & Erdallj
  hE Main                                    609
Troan Sena C., student, h E Main             609
  (Ingebreth E. Troan and Lars J. Erdall), coal and
  wood, yards, 601 Clymer, Tel 135, office E Main  206
  (Edward I. Troan and Farrand K. Shuttleworth),
  attorneys, rms 21-23 Pioneer, E Main     1-3-5
Troemel Frank L. (wf Ida M.), furrier, 207, h King  207
Trostle Allen S. (wf Sadie), butcher, h State o  209
Troy Cyrus (wf Mary), ret, h Spring         1228
Truax John C. (wf Sally A.), ret, h Univ. ave 715
True Edward C.. clk capitol, h W Gilman      127
True Rodney H. (wf Katherine M.), prof U. W., h E
  Johnson o                                  305 'F
Trumball George M., carp, h E Doty           113
Tucker Alonzo T. (wf Mary E.), mess capitol, h N
  Webster                                     13
Tucker Belle R., student, h N Webster         13
Tucker Bessie C., student, h N Webster        13W
Tucker Frank T., clk capitol, h W Wash. ave     224  r
Tuhey John C. (wf Annie), condr N. W. R'y, h E
  Johnson                                    401
Tuhey William, firem N. W. R'y, h E Wilson   524  N,
Tukey William D. (wf Susan M.), electrician, h S      C+
  Baldwin o                                  515
Tullis Hannah W. (wid David H.), h N Hamilton 210
Tullis Kate, h N Hamilton                    210 t
Tullis Sue, h N Hamilton                     210 
Turneaure Florence, h Univ. ave              929 ,,
Turneaure Frederick J. (wf Mary D.), prof U. W.,h 92
  Univ. ave                                  929
Turner Elmer A., h Langdon                   202
Turner Eugene, lab,'h N Blount          (135) 110 o
UMBRELLAS cu'Cassius B. Nelson uNTHEu
                IS. Pinckney MACKina/      u-    -
t!,iectricn i Nimmu t -n P" 7.

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