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Madison, Wis. city directory 1898-9. Contains a complete business, street and general directory. Angell's patent numerical directory, and roster of Wisconsin regiments in the Civil War, list of city, county, state and federal officers, churches, schools, secret and benevolent societies, and public buildings; also, a directory of the faculty, societies and students of the University of Wisconsin

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Page 316

      .... - I Il.L Al DIll.a IMMhIIMI
Europe, Drawn at I        w
    ~iI SAN                  316                 SAU
                                                  RES. NO.
 Sandell Harvey (wf Annie), wks U. W., h State     1311
Sandels William, clk Soelch, h E Main, 2d fl      202, 4
Sander William R., bkpr, h W Dayton                 325
Sanders Adeline, dorn Langdon                       619
k    Sanders Halleck 0. (wf Anna), wks F. & J., h Spaight 1312
     Sanders Hobart N., pattern mkr G., h Spaight  1312
     Sanders Louisa A., dom Jenifer                1030
     Sanders Orrin P., mould F. & J., h Spaight    1312
     Sandford Henry (wf Annie), elk Capitol, h E Johnson 318
     Sandford Louise F., h E Johnson                318
     Sandford Mary S., sten M. and R., h E. Johnson 318
~S andford Sadie, h E Johnson                       318
     Sands Jacob M. (wf Margareta), firem F. & J., h N
V)     Few                                          115
<Sands John (wf Maggie), wiper N. W. R'y, h E Gor-
      ham                                          1036
      Sands William (wf Bessie), lab, h E Gorham   1038
      Sanford Fannie G., sten C. K. A., h State     811
/) Santley E. D., h W Johnson                      1117
SSapp Robert L., spec agt S. Mnfg Co., h N Hamilton 111
     Sarbacher Henry, coachmen N Pinckney           423
     Sater Anton, (wf Matilda), driver C. Sons, h N Mills 305
O      Accountant and Insurance, r 4, 1st Nat Bank blk,
       h Rutledge                                  1204
     Saterlee Andrew, wrks F. & J., h E Wash. ave   523
     Saul William J. (wf Sidney), [Saul & Friedly], h
       Monona ave.                                  114
       proprs Avenue Hotel, (William J. Saul and Samuel
       Friedly), Monona ave                     114-116
w Sauthoff August J. (wf Anna K.), Sauthoff Bros., h S
       Canal                                        123
    Sauthoff August L., student, h S Hancock        22
  Sauthoff Berthold, clk Moseley. h S Hancock        22
  01 Sauthoff Bros., (Frederick G. and August J. Sauthoff),
       merchant tailors, E Wilson                   404
  Sauthoff Bros.' Harp Orchestra, A J. Sauthoff mngr.,
       E Wilson                                     404
  >ý Sauthoff Edgar M., prt, h N Canal              311
  >,Z Sauthoff Frederick G. (Sauthoff Bros.), h Jenifer  739
o >, Lr n I J
  105 E. Wash[ntaon Ave.
>. 14 1 --- -  -   -- -~ I ý 641-645 W. Mauin St.'

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