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Madison, Wis. city directory 1898-9. Contains a complete business, street and general directory. Angell's patent numerical directory, and roster of Wisconsin regiments in the Civil War, list of city, county, state and federal officers, churches, schools, secret and benevolent societies, and public buildings; also, a directory of the faculty, societies and students of the University of Wisconsin

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~EU~Ldflh1   ~..FLF1ThJ
46    W.t; Matningron SV
041-045 W. Main 1t.
Foreign       Exchange fDrawn on all parts of the World
        forignExe     ang      Rt Ther St~ate Bank,
   PRI                 296                 PUR
                                            RES. NO.
Prien Oliver R., mess 1st Nat bnk, h N Mills  314
Prien Rolland, student, h N Mills             314
Priest R. A., inst U. W., h W Mifflin o       404
Priestley Catherine J. (wid Thomas), h S Henry 22
Priestley Harry T., h S Henry                  22
Priestley Mary W., bkpr adjt gen, h S Henry    22
Priestley T. Mortimer, student, h S Henry      22
Prindiville James E. (wf Katherine), teamster F. & J.,
  h N Canal                                   128
Prindle F. Irene, h W Mifflin o               206
Proctor John C. (wf Emma L.), [Deming & Proctor],
  h E Gorham                                  739
Proud Melville J. (wf Bridget), lab U. W., h W
  Dayton                                     1210
  (Wf Clara L.), [Capital Lumber Co.], 2 fl W Mif-
  flin 10, h W Wash. ave                      113
  Real estate, loans, 2 fl W Mifflin 10, h W Wash. ave 113
  A. T. Webb, secy., 2d fl N Pinckney          31
Prowt William (wf Mary), car rep St. P. R'y, h N
  Bruen                                       123
Pschorr Frank (wf Mary), carp, h W Johnson o  430
Psi Upsilon Lodge, State                      620
Ptiznick Anna, waiter King                    124
Pudor Elizabeth (wid Christian C.), h Wis. ave 504
Pugh George, firem St. P. R'y, h W Wash. ave  646
Pulley Charles, coachm E. W. K., h N Pinckhey o  112
  (James H. and Patrick H. Purcell), livery board-
  ing and sale stable, E Wash. ave           217
  (Thomas C. and Joseph M. Purcell), groceries and
  provisions, 114 W Mifflin, State            107
Purcell Elizabeth B., milliner, h E Wash. ave 302
Purcell Elizabeth C., h W Wash. ave          329
Purcell Elizabeth M., elk, h N Blair          17
Purcell Frank (wf Jessie), engr N. W. R'y, h N Han-
  cock                                       147
Purcell Harry E., student, h E Wash. ave     302

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