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Madison, Wis. city directory 1898-9. Contains a complete business, street and general directory. Angell's patent numerical directory, and roster of Wisconsin regiments in the Civil War, list of city, county, state and federal officers, churches, schools, secret and benevolent societies, and public buildings; also, a directory of the faculty, societies and students of the University of Wisconsin

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Page 289

IiIIPIIH Ill NI P.I'I I liii NI I VP.J'WII I'14 -- i~f~i~
  AvuzAJx M~V, 11110 IJZIIVI UWtU The Larson Jewelry Store.
PEN                  289                 PET
                                             RES. NO.
Pengra Winfield S. (wf Mary), ret, h Univ. ave 803
Pengstorff August (wf Elizabeth), lab, h Spaight  1240
People's Chapel, W Wash ave                   1119
jrtikyjrujunrulinui PJll u~l U5UJl,
  F. H. Ford, pres., C. W. Bacon, sec. Electrical sup-
  plies, construction and engineering, State   222
Peper August (wf Wilhelmina), carp, h Williamson  827
Peper John W. (Newbury & Peper). h Williamson 1015
Pergande Fred (wf Mary), lab, h N Canal        315
Perkins Harry (wf Mary), patrolm, h N Ingersoll 203
Perkins Harvey J. (wfAdella E.) photg, h Frances  430
  (Wf Mabel C.), mgr Hotel Ogden, h E Wilson   149
Perry Benjamin F., ret, h E. Johnson            20 WW
Perry Rachael (wid George), h Chandler        1207
Perry William W. (wf Emma G.), travs, h E Gorham 715
Persons Lorette L. (wid Milton), h W Dayton   1119 0:
Persons Warren, student, h W Dayton           1119
               I-   C   :  11 11 %AT  1
I -e[I L oU I I  Usl-, Luu  .,   VY  J tlt1Z)
Pesta Henry F. (wf Gertrude), U. S. le
  W Johnson
Pesta Martin, student, h W Johnson
Pesta Rose A., student, h W Johnson
428 p
428   .
428 I t.
Peterman Augusta, dom N Carroll                223 4"'c
Peterman John H., wrks N. W. R'y, h Spaight   1236 &
Peters Arthur (wf Frances), wrks F. & J., h E Day-
  ton                                         1326
Peters Henry (wf Sophie), wrks F. & J., h First 118
Peters Mary, dom E Main 3d fl             25, 27, 29
Petersen Celia Mrs., h N Butler                319
Peterson Andrew (wf Martha), grind F. & J., h E
  Wash ave                                    1314
Peterson Andrew (wf Bertha), wks F. & J., h S Blair  3
Peterson Anna, h E Main                        513
Peterson Anna, dom E Johnson                  1140
Petergon Anna C., wks F. F. F., h W Johnson    432
Peterson Annie Mrs., housekpr E Johnson        20
Peterson Annie, dom W Gilman                    18
Peterson Arthur, wks F. & J., h N Pinckney     532
Peterson Christene A., dom Rutledge           1215 'f
Peterson Frederick (wf Nina E.), collector, h Lake  428
YourAre carefully studied and HASWELL
             we expect to supply them. & SCHOLL

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