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Brainerd, A. (ed.) / Madison city directory and business advertiser, for 1871-2, containing the name and residence of all independent persons, a business directory and sketch of the city, with information in relation to its various societies and institutions--city, county and other public officers

[City directory and business advertiser: B],   pp. 35-43 PDF (1.6 MB)

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Bird, Robt. B. V., carriage maker, res 21 s Washington ave.
Bird, T. E., carriage manuf. 245 anl 247 Main, res 106 Pinkney.
Bishoff, Bernerd, res Williamson bet Blair and Blount.
Bishop, Andrew, res w s Alifflin, bet Wisconsin ave and Carroll.
Bishop, J. M., res Gorham bet Carroll and Henry.
Black, Mrs. R. E., res 108 Alain.
Blankenheim, Gee., tanner, res 282 Main.
Blarth, Fred., laborer, res 59 University ave.
Bliet, Frank, laborer, res Johnson bet Henry and Broom.
Bliet, Matthew, lumber, res 64 Washington ave.
Blind, Adam, shoemaker, G. F. Taylor's, res Jobnson bet Henry
    and Broom.
Blinn, Thos., laborer, res Johnlson bet Lake and Park.
Bliss, C. H., res Clymer cor of Br om.
Bliss, H. G. res Butler bet Mlain and Wilson.
Bliss, lMiss Julia, bds 19 Fairchild.
Blow, Albert, res Webster bet Washinlgton ave and Mlifflin.
Bodenstein, ilenry, harniss maker, eor Webster and King, res same.
Boebler, Engelbort, cooper, res Johnson bet Henry and Broom.
Boelemer, C., physician, 251 Main, res same.
Boebmer, C. Jr., harness maker, res ws Alain bet Butleo and w Canal.
Boehmer, Ilatthew, blacksmith shop, 29 Jlhnson.
Bohmis, II. J., bds Nolden's Hotel.
Boland, Thos . laborer, res 17 s Clymier.
Booth, Sam'!, res 20 Butler.
Borcii'enius, Muau, elk of board of supervisors, Court HIcuse, res
  20 w Clymer.
Boss, Mrs , -, widow, res Brooks' Adliticn
Bourke, Thos. C,, police, res cor U~iiversity ave and Gorham.
Bourne, A. E., student, bds Clymer i et Wisconsin ave and Carrol.
Boutlell, S. C  Charter, Brooks' Addition.
Bovee, Thos. P., res Spring, Brooks' Ad lition.
Bowen, Eugene, watchman capitol, bds 50 Wilson.
Bowen. Dr. J. B., furniture, 14 itate Journal Block, rcs Green-
    bush, town of Mladison.
Bowen, Wm. H., elk, res 34 Henry.
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