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The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest
Vol. 1, No. 1 (April 1873)

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Page 18

The following list is intended ti represent
every finn in the pineries of Wiseonasin wh
are engaged it the intnufactitre or the buy-
jig and sellinz oftlumber :and  hbingles. The
liSt will he publsised frnaut mont h to oiutth
and namnes added just as: rapidly as we ean,
EAU rPLERNE. [Portage Co ] WI S.
Hall. James          16eeks, John
Wallace & Redford   I
WAUSAU, IMarathon Co.] WIn.
A.r(lrews & Park-her I Allen. Henrv
Aucutt & tCalbm     I
Bernhard & Simp-on I Browvn, John
I hrougi. the niediunt -of *t canvasser, ohtaia  ,
Clark, J. C.
them. We desire the assistance usf tkose in Clark, T. WV.
terested ilt different localities in o'btainhing- Danielt, 11
the names of all resImnsible firmx. This Re- c rivy. Robt.
gister will prove if munch lwneflt to luinther-
men generally. Nanex will be classified as
nearly as possible in accordance with post. Leah*y, Capt. J.
office address.                            Manson, Rufus
ST4EVEN'S POINT"'      WISN          McLain, Henry
Bailey, D. C.        I Bovington. N.       MGinnis. Daniel
Blake   M Yitchell.   Brovn, E. iD.        Ni'holsl Ed.
Benson, P. & Bro.     Burr, Emmons & Co.
Burns Thompson & Co   Bean, T. (;. & Son.  Single, Ben.
Campbell, P.
Clark, Owen
Cooper, B. F.
Cronkhite. Plummer
& Co,.
Gilchrist, A. B.
Goodhue, (eo. J. Jr.
Hungerford, Seely
Hutchinson & Bro.
Karner, S. H.
Kelly Bros.
Meehan Bros.
McCulloch, H. D.
MeDill, T. & Bro.
Lester & Plummer
Park G. L.
Pike, E. L.
Quinn, Jas.
Rennie, John
Robeson, J. M.
aesding & VanOrder.
Sherman,S. A.
Scott Bros.
Wadleigh & Walker
Woods, -
Whitney, Ebenezer
0. C. Wheeloek
Callahan, Chas.
Redfield, John
Isherwosd, J. & H.
I Clements. 1). R.
Cook, Cornelius
I Curran, H. & J. D.
IClifford. Wtn. .1.
Gamble. Ross
Homestead. Seth
IKnox, Bros.
YMcMillan & Sons
Moe, Louis 1.
iPerry, 1. & J.
Richardson, Chas.
Ronsean & Stevens.
Sheckels, Wm.
I Cohn & Curman
Fitzacr, Al.
I Hirmrnnn & Miller
IL uu renee & Petert.
Melndoe a Alexander
Mcktrdssen, Jas.
McGinnis, John
Il'immer, B. G.
I Stafford, M.
Sinigle. Jw.        I
Wenhimn & Kiekbuhb I Zastrow. Fd
WXONbS3E, Mtarathon t-.,J WIS.
Bruno    . Camptwbell  Cure. William
Dessert, Joseph     | Kronnenuetter, S.
SHEIRMAN, [Marathon Co.] WIS.
Calhon, Wm.         I Grar, John
Haseltine, Chan.     Mc|  ntosh,- -
JENNY fusrathou Co. ] WIS.
Dereg. M.           I Mathews, Thou.
Reid, Wlm.           S 8cott & Andrews
al"es. Henry         S Streeter, Hant
TRAP, [Marathon C'o.] WIS.
'DeCoureey, Matt.    t
KNOWLTON1, [Marathon Co.] WIS.
I Brooks, V. & Co.    Gunther, Leonard
Lamere Peter         Whitney, Geo.
IWade, Geo. & Co.
Warner, -    -        Beron, F.           Clrk & Scott
I Welch, Adam         E dwar, John & Son I Garrison, 0.
Blow, Louis         tammon & Bull        Lyons, B.
Johnsen, J  .       'Neeves A Son        Russet & Oo.
Martin, John R       Scott, T. B.        Rablin, John
i Trabern, Wm.       Whipple, C F.

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