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The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest
Vol. 1, No. 1 (April 1873)

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IFron the Chlippewa He rald.        Rivcr is largelv a Ii igi ng strewlll.
oily a
T7, I.',uSlr 1*apehi.-rhe past -. inter'. silall portion ot tile hIuliIer
beinig  n.anu-
has been a very poor one for the logger -  facetured on its l:nil:.. TIhe
 miatjority  ot
tie deep sino% ai.d inteusely cold weather the logs are rafted down to the
boolms at
operat i.,g mI that hardly hIltf a 'stock  is its jivitilt uear L1a Crosse,
where they are
plit ii.  I Tiis state of tilets i, not confied saiwed or run to thit llihls
along the _liss-
to thle (hip lu wua river alo..e; it extted..dr isippi, somne of themiu going
as far down
1lil ov r tit sitat, a..ul i..t., tile Mieligazamn as St. Louis. TIhe ustl;il
aniilnt ratted
phiclerie..  If there should I it ii at I Pti..da, fIromilt-se booiet
;e ach year is 2Tio0,00,000
''I watcr. that portioi oft last season's stock  feet, but owichg ti; low
 wiater last seasont
I lack onI Ile rivers (ou the Bllack it amiounts the amount was only 12.5,000,0100.
tI, 1Xo't4110,I)4I tf..., ;I..d an  quinl li an ilo t  Tlie estimainted aituonilit
of stick  to lbe
o.1 lite V i. i..' i  l)   Iii 1  tl- uL.kc up the put in aloui.g the river
the preseut winiter
tiletic'ie. i i.                             was 1 75,000,000. but the horse
disease and
The i. Iivat ios are. however, that Ituin- rather deep snowy. w ill prolbhably
her M ill Ihrii.g a godxl price helhii-aitm-li the aunount, to 12.5,000,00(I.
 With a good
Itoter th  i u  last se      Tll.  The  (nicago. fireshiet in the spring.
a tir riti  of bati
niiarkeai. int&ir it. it c. lupete ts ir tile 31iss- ihld and new Ii
ig. llaly lIe xpeuttcd, 11(1 at
ijsippi riv vr :id i.teriir ii.; i I., i. Ii."g g-mil year's proinbict
frojan this streanm for
its htihil a il ii  U iCinpeaa ValIhy   1873 the result.
load is truiit, sot that orilcr ur,1 ear londs  The suijtuioiei report, whose
array of
. n litc t Il.l Iniuln heIn. tile Iiliumb r hti4i- figures besides those
Iroum the Saginaw or
ias.. fr1;iI (Clihiago west, I-li l,,an u..gst Muskegon districts otfiur
State look small,
the tlli..g. that were . (Fau; li .l. is w we give a place in oinr colulis
with pleas-
nearelr bzili Citv thai: ed her VA   - .t.ur: uare, as it is our desire to
miiake the Micni-
or His-k 1anidi, auIl ofenrst iV tw nIniiirAind GAx LuXBEHMAN a medituim
of comminuni-
mile-. kid ;otr Ihan t  hieg   d nllstantt, cation between the great lumber
nh len it c ill to nrailrtd freights, is ev- ing sections of the whole country.
shall be pleased to reeeive comilmunlications
011 the whole, the situation of liinni)er- like this frnom  any part of the
rletl u  I; Itv lhipliewa and itu tributaries, States, giving the assurance
that they will
is enviable, i..t tiu future will improve it readily lie given a iplace in
our cohlumns:
iI hItlillt i ti ld.                   AmIount sealedl at motItih of
Black River in 1872 ....... 123,766,1Vo
[Fromn The Michigan Lu.berman.]    Amnt lumber ianutifd OUi Up-
Luhbering    Operaden. io i n Norlh.rn,  per Black River allud run ti
WLweoeln.           '       Miss. Biver markets .....   8,1ooooo
Through the kinduess of Mlr. David Ain't lumber manuulfd and used
.ikutin, of La Crosse, we are enabled t  on U:pper Black River   . .14,3oo,ooo
give snine account of the lumbering oper-
ations on1 Black River, Wis.  Under date Tobl lumber lroduct Black
of Feli. 20, Mr. Austin writes:          River ........ .......... 148,166,19o
'You will find enclosed a list of the Lumber manuf'd at LaCrosse
princ jaillumbemen oeratig on  btck and immediate vicinity....3.5,loo,ooo
principal lumbermepo   operating on  Br k es  hingles manufd in District.
ltiver, al80a report oftlast year's busiiess, LIath ............................
............. *201oPlOOo
bandeli me by Mr. George Atkinson, iu-            t EORtGE ATKINSON',
spector of this lumber district.  Black              luspector Dis't No.
2, Wic.

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