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The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest
Vol. 1, No. 1 (April 1873)

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Page 16

IS                       THE WISCONSIN LUMBERMAN.
property pawing along sid river.  Provided,  Mr. SPAU LDINGO of Block River
Falls. bas
always, that a free acd easy passage be by in process of construction at
Section 46 on the
msid company at all times preserved or coil- line of the Wisconsin Central
Railroad, at the
structed ro that the navigation be not Imped .
ed or hindered for rafts, bosat., bartgs, logs crosing of the Little EPU
Pieine, a large milL
and timber, or other property floating or rnn. We leamn Invidentaly that
Mr. SP-AuLvi
ning on thb. waters or said river.        estimates his thuber coutigeous
to the mill at
Section 6. A frecand eany pabsage for rafts, lO,00,000. IHoth hard wood and
pine will
boats, barges. logs and luntier or at lenst lie wanuractured.
eighty ieet, lhali be by said company main-
taIned In the main Wiscousil river until such                -
time as Benjamin Single Jr., C. Clark of Mar.  Epizootic last fall seriously
interfered with
athon rounty, and John Finch of Portage togging opperations throughout the
county, or any two of them, shall make and  ..isconin and Minnesota pinerie.
Iie with the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Por-
tage county their wertificate that the taid
slough, known as the Be-sie Slough, has been  The Boom nCompany at Muskegon
so improved as to admit of the- free and easy rafted and  delivered to ownera
in 1572.
passage for rafts, boats, barges. logs and lum; 315 4.000 ilIg
bar, or property floating or running on the
waters of aid river. -
Section 7. Said company is bereby author  loggiug has bece. earrie t oathis
lIed to purchase, hold, use and enjoy any miear Wausat where twenty-one years
eharter heretofore granted authorizing the
construction of piers and booms in said river tile sime treces were hardly
large ewiugh
between the points herein specified.    for oar-stenis. It is geiierully
Seeton 8. Any person who shall unlawful- that pine is as rapid in its growth
as auy
ly Inoure or destroy any of the piers, booms or
other works, or open the boom  of the said of our lorest trees.
company, shall be liable in treble the amount
of the actual damages, to be by the company  Tue Marinette Nagle says:
recovered by an action at law.
Section 9. This act shall be held to be a  "Over 55,000,000 feet of
logs have been
public act of the State of Wisconsin, and shall ' put in by the Peshtigo
Company this sea-
be tn force from and after its passage.  son. We predicted 60,000,000 feet
H. D. BARRON,            the cut would have exceeded even   that
Speaker of the Assembly. but for the early breAk-tup."
M. H. PKTIT,               The Peshtigu. Company is oue of the
Approved,         President of the Senate.
C. C. WAS-BUVc, Gov.              largest lumbering firms in the West, em-
March 12th, 1873.        ploying huudreds of men and tems the
SrATE OW WISCONSIN         'sa          entire year  A visit to) the great
mill at
The Secretary of State of the State of Wis- Peshtign Harbor is worthy the
time and
consin hereby certifies, that the foregoing has, niouey necesasry, to any
individual en-
been compared with the original enrolled act
deposited in this offlice, and that the same isa gaged in tie manufacture
df lumber.
t;ae and correct copy thereof, and of the
whole of such original.                   THE FIR8    CAR LOAD.-Worthington
In witness whereof, I have hereunto
hand and affixed the Greet shipped the first car load of shingles over
BR SAT  get My hnrs
Seal o0 the State, at the Capitol in the Green bay Road, last Monday.  The
adison, this seventeenth day of March A. D. destination of the cargo was
118           L. Bua, Secretary of State. Iowa-Graud Rspids Repore~  March

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