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The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest
Vol. 1, No. 1 (April 1873)

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THE WISCONSIN LUMBERMAN.                                 15
AA^   I        A     ll           tam suecIsivt. weeks, In a ewspuap-r publish.
BOOML                                ed- a~n,, z a~z,.   cd in the city of
Stevens Point, Wisconsin,
the last publication to be at least six  days
The Boom Charter of tile Steve-.s Piifll prior to sluch hearing; and In their
BDom C('mpany" piosseses so many points tio) to the circuit judge they
shall specify
of excellence that we are induced to give  v; at lands are necessary for
the use or the
m .    mimmpAnv, and if m such application the cir-
it here ini full for the IIm' jetit ofc mijasmies  t jidgge shall deem any
of such lands ne-
to hIe orgainized or for tMuimse who desire to ce";girv for the use
(of the company II the
remodel charters alreadly cxistinlgt.    construction of their system  of
picrs and
wHAPTUR 126 LAWSOV WMISCOM-SlN. I'oouis, lie s-hall tImereupoln appoint three
AN ACT to authurize tIhe Stevens Point interested persons to act as such
Boom Comupany t ) maintain vicrs amill boulis er.; amid mu their appraisement
and award sald
Sn tnc Wisconsinl itiver,                cimiomisbimners shall designate
the amount
The People of tie State of Wisconsin re- Inecesary for the use of the company
in acres.
presented hi Senatc and A wmmblv. do enact and its width and Iength and the
value there-
am follows:                             tof, and injury the rest sustains,
if any, by
SectIon 1. The Stcens Point Boofm' Coili- such taking, and shall file their
award within
pany, as now organized  nid mr tbr * twenly days after making the
same, In the
IAO b of tb6 Stte.ts in I riettial ellecessilo  o office o)f the Clerk of
the Circuit Court of Poi.
lawsof hisStae. n jrpeIIa successionenoppaialorawr
and its assigns, is ncrvoy ant Ihrized :  ta-e omity: P7otdmd noappraisal
or award
enpowered to constrn't. 1;l...I . ....  , iiliim shuall be miade unless the
owner of such land
a system of pier, ;aill 1m imm- in, . l,':g, and shall have had at least
teim days peronal sem.
across the Wisconsin River. frmoimn R Ial:t il viee ofthc notice of the time
when the coin.
section thirty-two) iii tlVioshmip tw emity-fmr, "llissiomime' shlatl
make their tuspeetion of the
north ofragnge ignit, ewst Im lime mirthl line of0 premises all appraisal
and award, and if no
township twenty-four nor ii ..m ;.mmac .,cven pertonal service call be had
then only after a
east at the points indicatuc.  .t,, mitice of such inspection, appraisal,
associmition of sah-a:     ยข   ,Xi e' ,~ll ~,O,  . Iward shall have
lbecmi published at least
the office of the Seretar' i* tSitie, t;-r Iie Lirc successive weekb in a
newspaper putc.
bojtinim and storing- ofsa mugs, miiarv ;im(t limed in said county.
reund timber, slilngle bolts amid other timuliber.  ection 4. Whemmever the
comisny shall
Sectiolo 2. That to bmeces.fimlly carry out pay to the owvier of the land
condemned, or
the object of said eoimpamly and this .ranl l eposit time amount of the award
with the
IClerk o f said Court, it tuay then enter upon
said company is authorized to acquire the said laud, remove time soil, dig
stone, construct
title of lands upon aud contiguous to baid cals, anid build piers, and locate
and hang
nver within the limits of its proposed line of "a
piers and booms, eithet by pure ase, Ilease or boomusthemon: lhVoriddhoweverthatany
tieenae, and thereomi upon the bamik to crect person claililing an irterest
in said land may
such piers and land booms a,. said compny; at any time wthIn thirty days
aner fing of
may determine for the purpose of booming the award, appeal therefrom by filing
a notice
and storing logs                         of such appeal with the Clerk of
the Circuit
Sedctiorn  log. We  adncsyt      eue    Court and serving a coply therepf
onl any of
SectionS. When land imecessary to be used ithe officers of said company;
and thereupon
by mid company cannot be purchased or leas- the Clerk shall enter the cause
upon his dock.
ed, and no right of entry thereon can be at- et, and the smine proeeeding
shall be had
talned the company may apply to the circuit! thereomi imi the Circuit Court
as In an action of
jedge of Portag Coyuntyfopr the appointment law origiially brought thereinl
jude o Potag Cont fo th apoinmen ISection 5. Thle company are hereby an-
of coumissioners to view, inspect, appraise thorized to enter upoii all sloughs,
and coidemn such land, or so much thereof arms aid tranches of said river,
and to im-
as may by the company elahued as n~eessary > ,prove the same lfor holding
and storing logs,
as Pyryth ompany Thatimoied af ncsary and cut a mammal along such slougha
across the
for Its se: Pi*W, Tbent notice of suet% ap- I bed of the river, or sections
fonteen, twen-
plication shall be served personally upon the ty-three, twenty-four, twenty-five
and twen-
partes Interesited. at least six days prort  ty-six in township twenty-four,
range maven
d prior to East, in Portage county, for the purpose of
such hearing, or, if not personally served, then storing logs and to facilitate
the navigation d
by publishing said notice of application, for rafts, barges, b its, logs
and timber, or other

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