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The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest
Vol. 1, No. 1 (April 1873)

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th1 . pi nerie iif WiseCo ii.t that desires a - At Stiles, Wis., Mr. AL.
Eldred, the pre.
ulil tr ill ... strtioa of their  B l .UilI' \prietolr of that tiving tn.wiu
is rebuilding
t ciari.i at  their   .ogr ifie l  his extensive water mills, putting in
the, e ra have tlleir wsh gni ntifded ly slhid- Ie  tlg  t sl~Wbidlgt   
new gaings. He is now building at new
i-.g Kis a cpy of *'th, NitU;atiO.a acconipan- .  tea liduble circulaar ,ta.wimill
at Littlc
ied with expilinatory notes: we anaoku 1i  Luamice. We tound at Oconto extensive
claarge tfr .nolh i hln.tratioo.      repairs beihg made i.i all the mills,
_                     thtie cutti.,g  llpa ily 6 jiot being increased.
",NtO'r8 ST THIN WA W."'          Mr. Farnsworthi, Prezideat of
the Oconto
steie.ia Poinlt, U'is. Fz l..  1 | Liuniber Co., is nls,-vit, spendiiig 
, short
i7.tji1ttl iai Cuba.
From Chicago to Stevew.s Poi.t o.a tile"  Grec Bay is acknowledged to
be the
WiscojamiA River. via Greta BIuy and Me- greatest shingle ulart iL tbe U.
S., but ow- Mich.. with the therinonieter iig to the low price ot' shingles
and the
ranging fromt zero to 30 below, with blilid-. stringency in the uoney muarket,
there ie snow storims thrown in tbr variety and no additional capacity being
added, while
railroad trains all behind timc. mtaking - the winter's cut is being greatly
*eounectioha a thing impossible, i6  a trip fiom the s.audard ot' last winter's
i.-e is nut likely to take otten for pleasure! tioas. At Wrightstov Mir.
Chas. Muehler
'rhe weather through that section ofcouil- has jist rebuilt his mniIt, ou
the site of the
try ha  t ',, the last sixty days, lven cold- old o*>e deLroyed by tire
iu Oct. last, put-
er aud more disagreeable than  Ias' ever t;.,g ini one doluble circular,
gang edger,
been experienced before by the -oldlest in- anld lath aund picket mnills.
habitaut."  Our route lay over the U. &  There is be'lg cairitd
over from  last
.N. W. It. I. to Menoniomee Mich., return i yea., uu the Gieeu Bay bi6o:e,
about an
iig to Me.,ashu, Wis., and front thence Uvelage olo we-tia o1' the semon's
vimthe Wisconsin Ceatral to Stevens Poinit. Logging, this - iaber, is not
carried on
At Menomuomnee we fou..d all the mills; quite as beavi'y as last, but thele
is being
were undergoing repairs, for next season's put in but little, it anly, less
than an aver-
ruu, but not adding anything to their cut- soclL  In some localities, on
the Wolf,
ting capacity. The Ford River Lumber Ocouto and Menomonee Rivers, the snow
Co., at Ford River, Mich., are putting in is so deep as to retard logging
one of D Clint, Prescott & Co's. (Mariu- 'somewhat. However, there is
no doubt
ette, Wis.) n2 inch flat gangs, which, by- but that there will be plenty
of stock got
the-by, is something new in the line of out, which, together with the amount
gang milis, and is a perfect success.  Us- ried over, will be sufficient
to supply the
ing Prescott's patent changable feed and 'mills with a full stock for the
coming sea-
Prescott's patent oscillating movemeut, > sou.
which oscillates from the bottom  of the  These general remarks will also
gate, with chaugeable rake, the feed and good for the Fox and Wolf River
rake can be changed from the highest to sections. In Oshkosh there is but
the lowest desired point instantly, while new mill being erected this winter,
running in the cut. To be seen is to be general repairs are being made, though
Appreciated by mill-meu, and we predict nothing is being added except gang
for Mr. Prescott great success with his in- era and lath machinery. The lumber
vention, he having already introduced it the Green Bay and Lake Shore mills,
into &.I the gang miiUs ou the river.  to Chicago via Lake Michigan,
while the

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