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The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest
Vol. 1, No. 1 (April 1873)

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Page 12

Tln proI.I. il n ht.r 1-li  kwo 4)111- if tilh
llirt rf1%ls.:114 I;P .'I.Itlilleotilig *opznitioll.
we Iha vc4  l fii r ;. Is Ilig timte.  Aitl.ltiilt
fi.   .sie ls W4:1e Was m-.114- hitt aislf;t first
t1hr nlien Ii    ine 11:1'  an  oIl p  rtiliity  to
woirk With ii'.mnfr. i st  l tIler' Nlis  hil.
sisl ulitindi:wc -i -ni  for nkns ;llki,.,g tilc loag-
gingi rorul. gooil md ke- ping t Iclell .so dii-
ring tillhz %i itir.
.Notwithlstand~ing  thez I; :rfid  rage (it'
tile lIlizq")ti(., aIlmoszt *vler y te-.ain ha~s dmiea,-
good work. wo it' 1there i4 W:ter ill tile
spri ng-rAwhie'l l frIa  pi40-e :t in1lic:tit 11
thimber           40w enlw( fthz4sI,.try. A~ silili-
larstaltv .t fllilisf-xi-ts i.1 Ca .lull. It is
re I wr1't ed   t II II , 'I II: ' '1   I  I ~l  1)u .. sIII p ;I}  tll,}
11l :I( 1   w:it I . -  I't t II  (  .  I .6 e  t  lt ws sII l  ilialIt
it Yearl .1go f;1'i 11,}44 :1..11 q-ll1'1 ('.tly
foar $411,1(1, aiidl i. sta.cs (- iltiil~l;l strik-
i . lle r Isut liillIlic higni.x  11s1 futilre
f tilreun;rig  t  t a~ir ady  ." is
to  a~ttrm-st till, :Itte itil.: I.  :1t fi va   1:klI.I  1
t'l' ill thlis Sute.zB %%l hav 1 et8 IIegll., t., 1.1,
up ld .aa1tIlIIIup;I-, t., ho4ldl till til.- .,^
growvthlic1. *,iio -.llls.-( lll        v
Ikndd .l1
there will he-iogs- :1a1 grrenhlrack" Will     The MItbigcaian Lumber
"141le inlIiv(iv.  lI(eh t0WzvIll tit(' V0IIlktV  InI;il~larticle .sI
.Michig:111 I'ie," hintil
has'  Iillni('ro4111   lu mbl  ering   ti rmio'. Ip ratiil g
i1.Illll~rlislUlilelligfrlls*swritiig, diiijr.111,; 1,i~llnrinan fo|  r FebXIrua~ry.
allfl a1ll lel~ort :1 :x~len a..tll  vilitl r ' n pears I s.tat('nlilc. Il
lt till' Ili *  rrolp  14.41
Good iJud~ges e'stilil~itt' the' all'oltlit *f log, Illmrket o>f 187 '.
Th"e year %llas emphallti-
rut fIl the oconto 111l tribhutarie- :t 9".         1111 Sp~rtlM.I li
to til l   IWIit'.
oJo)* o  filtt.-O h' . to  Lilah4r'.4.JIm .  theil' ililt lr  4Jalr, tIllh
 l 1,gg-r4  a.4l til' ren t
Tat: te('i( A141i.i' t1r. All iivc gli aited :k
THF. SCARCITY *IF V'i..S-Lttht ueek, esi       1lvt      hszll11 11~1lrt
we publishied a polrtionu of' the circular is- tnh l:lws -t  ticipalil, 4
 ipilrxii mag'i.
sued  by  tile  Susliliellilgn  (P11. I lumberlmlenl  :,oootootit\QO  tee.
41111 tI) c  lIt.  estilnl's
in regarl to) the scarcity lIf pill' ill Penl:- the  writer, il rulill ilIllilli
 feet ll
i.ylv;uili'.  f' * oir ie . there is 11 dantger lit thle va'ried proilucts
ll the piie trees felledl
the stock o4l tbe (Chippew4.4a blehig e'xhlatIst- in tle Mfichigan forl.
'-s and  nw  lying
ed in lually yenrs: still it is rapidly risilog w'itiiin or exp)lrted beyolid
 her borders
in wilue. and with the increasinig alllilit for tue yeir, suih alS log 4
towAed  4lelow.
that is yearly cut, "stumpage  will         s qigh square tililmber,
spars. himber in all shapesl,
in a short time. Tile Mlwvaulkee .&'ntiwld lath, shlingles 1ud p4 Ie
stavi  t   tile al'tuali
in reviewing this siliject slys: "It is Ilit  a  wl)uld I  'l'rreall
tillt stlilig tglr'
nece'sary to say that the pine forests arc
'ivin' out. The adlvallce in the price of Thle p)rinlipaid loal itie."
:,upplyi..g thisi. ui'
i i g g i t  The advailev    the    : zif   elimse iltoililit of lumber are
divided ilitlo
pine lands attests it.  Lumberien ill tills three distilnt distriets till'
Sagillaw, tile
State tell you that its yearly becoming     .      PeuilMIl n11d til X~&'4
Sbere    A
more difficult to  find  first-class timber,     prtion .f the Iroticts of
tie Sag-
and also thaE prices have qluite  doublced  inw dtrtiet goes E~ast. while
Chicago is
in the past two or three yeirs.  In Mlichi-
gan thle advance is fully 33 per cent. with- the principal tnarket of the
 twol others
The result to Michigan in dollars imolnits
in the Ilwut year.-The  Maine woods aret'
.,to $42,83u,500.
falling by degrees and pine lands there '
are advancing in price; first, bemuse the     w         N
timber in the Andros-coggiai and Keninebec    With this No of thr luMRE3AN
districts has been largely *ut dlown auid, issue a rougb but aecurate   plat
*,f the
because hf the general reduction  of the1 Boom at Stevens Poilit.    Any
  hlcality ill

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