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The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest
Vol. 1, No. 1 (April 1873)

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Steveis Pohi.t i., thc cntractor who has xvill be coilnlletell tc. Wausau
in 1874. The
pertornied tile riqlli-ite la bor. at all tii- rilroad syvtvilI -fcI r..tal
and Northern
pealms' if $35. i000 00.  Many troIubleonic WIS COUISi i . S.) rnill dI c
dVCelIpii&g, and in
rocks Ih:ve I evu IlIasted I out. -aprto.ita41 such Hoannl.0  it. to  gualultee
piCrIS coinstructed. andt a breakwater, 315 *ucce-. to lulnWri..g ve.itures
i.i the pin-
feet in length, erected.  The Onitral gives crie- ..1 tilhe .tate.
muclh credit to Capt. Cooriit for the very
satisfaictory rmanner in which the improvc-  Thu loggi..L g -a;4. for thisijcality
Wneuts have beien 11.4Ad.                 ed al/it .Marelh 5tl.   Thc CalcthltiiOus;
Under the muaagemuent of the Wausau
Boom Coumpany. great iniprovelnent-s have
becn made in the Wausau bomNs durh.g
the past winter, whereby tile capacity
thercof is largely increased and the strue-
tures made saftr and iiorc durable.  10
theretore, 'if those expecting an u usUaly
lonig seaso. were u..fulfilled. 1. ftact, tak-
ing into co,..sideratioai that 'scv.ral weeks
ot the early p.rtiA of tile log-i..  -c110)."
were unimproved, owing to the epizeootic,
we are 4,1 the opi.,iia.i that less logs have
beeii put iu the pait wi..te' i . this pi..Xry
than in t lie season of -. 1-.2.  Similar re-
p     .-.. --ci o from  the Chlip)l)ewi. Black
new piers have been added the past winl-
ter and haLve So enlarged the caipacity ot .and St. Croix river piaeries
a,.d it is safe
to assert that thoe logi:,i'.. toh Of
the booni ns to now afford storage for at I  a
.the Wisuotnsin pineries have, dumiing this
least 23,000,000. With this storage ca-,  -so.flll        tir e avc,   winthi
pacity in the main booims it is safe to as- season, tillen beloxv the average
srrt that the comipany GIU safely handlel work
35 to 40 millious in logs. Aside troui the  FIo)il  ti- LcxBI~mtMa;'S GaZkTTE
almost unliunited wvater power at Wausau (Mtich.) we cozipile the tfllowing
there are favorable locations, contiguous of luarberi..g opperatioins id
Saginaw and
to the booms, for Steam Mills. The ┬░ffi- Bav counties duri..g the year
cers and stockholders of the Wauaui: Lunilber ail uticturel    ...570,813,823
Boom Co., are meen of capital and citer-.' Lathi ........ ............. 65,578,450
prise and their improvements will be con- Shilngles . ......... 72,207,000
tinned as the requiremient of ruills de- Lumiber at mlils . ....... I25,287,108
mand.                                  Los in mill-boonis. etc .   27,558,296
ALogs hunig up over the season 370,348,000
'Logs proposed to be put in the
The building of the Wisconsin Valley past wvinter .......        413,500,ooo
Railroad to Wausau. Marnthon uounty, ill  The Gazele also sates that from
ensure a long desired out-let by rail for to forty millions more were sawed
in 1872
lumber of the Upper Wisconsin and its, thain 1871, and that lut for a strike
tributaries. This railroad, accrding to July the aruount would have been
agreement aul present favorable piospects, ty five millioas more. Also that
"an am-

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