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The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest
Vol. 1, No. 1 (April 1873)

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Page 8

'<    J   lo  ~ca     lstl-.~
.:0 0(l  i -el!  w  ill  liC  1ee'elte   to  -li  oilut t ell t
lumber Ironi the W iNc61sial .1.1l !t- t-iilu-1I
% F STION & S~boN i(n nV Illl 11n tili i-iti
i:  a  n iiuhel   u8t   I  t'dliltV  iiit'iiite  :1::   ;1 ;I   .i
dler tt ebiivellieLice wvithill. 'Thee I. gi IC
hn(nSe is of Stone an ld-fire-pr-.i it.
Itolls na-N s  111111  ait  C(i inn  ut  Ha PhIi..l  1:1. :it'
late on.lergone thorliugil repeirs ai.4d  n -
cei ved tile additionl ot' uev nlelwaui,. rv.  It
is (lie itf tbe mos.t exteusive nHill- ijl ttll
The  W ati- lt )lIt I 1', 4)1   i  I in 1   .  iho
ing the Irist vear, built s u. v pilr..w  T lIe
1k)OIu 11mv\ lI:IS aI storn':ge Capacie*ty  tot' 10e -
000,000 It. of logs. FIrwni the   1V/hof  we
learn that the eist loft Ih pier- vwas $.Ilt)00
the muitictairs wvere Ilugh    Mtchitd   i ai.u
W~alter Al- xander.
I3Iu-iNs  irmimuiiPON  &  ( lat..   l;Itu  of  (caii -
da, have leased tile SIMlinttte Millkin thisi
city for a pwrithd *' ti ve Cears.  'T'lhe filr
have also eiontrtil it' S6iE:itM AN'S Mill on
the Bitximer rmpids andl have b1en exten-
sively eng-agedt in logging during Wlie past
winter amiong the best pine onl Plover riv-
er.  As a new firmn they are taking a przk-
ninent 1positio) among    tile  Lulmbermuen
The W~iseionsin Ceutral It. It   is Ceon-
,ral Ilill ae Ii i    -. tae  d     ;e1i:gI tile
li.;(. aI;,l  Ilil-i   ft sIlll   :IIV  (I.Ig.1g  {  ia  1 l.g-
gi ; :tll~ blliil;:  tt ii i-ir  1Wv  ralil tt>
tbis Vit% :;IA1; )Pbi.11. I':kt.  Thlts  far  tit'- * lIIvliY IvI',   fi-ll ii, it inlilvlsi-
1,: t          a all t1n 1,Ig.  -lit i. lgr to
tlo .Iitfi -tlty v. Lk~u lidi.ig, tl it v:tr>.
I n tint. 2S ' - I  F' Fe inikv  iipward-.. t'
'l0lilIlti  t I .('t (i ill 'lIVI'Ivr('   I'l gi lt   it 1t  .1
'1',-1l tl,,  li..t  o  lat.
'I'llert i hiij, ry pn-slwv.t  I ilir d  lite a.
l111111t11pr tit Stv:ull, -;I%%- Imails w\ill Lvt Illilt
zitili a q-1ll ci il  lim|it.,I,;.  till- cmil;Xlg
III IIlee       tIT    0i.     d 'p h i1.-
.alitiv-.  ot I  ito t:v-  l 4-viii materCe  pilaI  *
c xpre- til, 6 iu41alll iticit .lp4I>9Bjl. thlat  bt -t
tiir tc ilitic. ifl I              ci.umot I t ge iwa   b le
ff   In reiltvli ill huhre a're~t. overy  1tll
e'due '.fllitue. prtoper0.0ty  it is ugttil'litolr
tha:t a~llul-t luilimit-v'''I vaaity' will he ''al0-
talitivdi "i'l :ll till, iiec'c-asry  414 vijiijitz,
domts tle 1r.     that t. eu'sr. avl .1 T'ube Co
trabvlielinit     vau I;tr he tore theming irtert
4 st, ill St,, cu  P is grllarll':lilt 1: tIell
%%4- lItly 9'Ifl Iy l44tl'z till- prI'Illic'tilam  llt 41111
,)f mir li(-t loulsiae" Ille.k. C>l  ity  wsil.
ihl tive year., attalin a p)"pulltltu. l zt. liiymmlt.
'rile Supiaume Cm.ilrt l.>e dvidedis a~s Gt;|-
14)ws Ili re latiz~m to, tils m~altter oft "uthloa,;g-
Mlg'Ia> 1id1 Wh~lt *IIi Ilg Itlzy 1We O1) --
tainle(I thel-Cfw;.
t lIt replevin, wvhere a reeovery of thc
Valuei 4> the property is stmight, thiscvurt,
atd4pts tile rule thalt tbe tistiad lnealsure of
-rocovery is tile valule befisre the propnrty
pleted 55 miles wvest from tbis city. Sev- w was inproved by  defe[laliit's
tabor afnl

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