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The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest
Vol. 1, No. 1 (April 1873)

The Wisconsin lumberman. April, 1873,   pp. [1]-7 PDF (1.5 MB)

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MIRDS-EIE-R MPI.UY*                A\ dtiii-j-ial ; ,lt- iiH;flve Ietii ten
Telt Sa 'preol                         prli i  Itnil.- 'ii: -tiits*ii o lidigi.ill
ille1: - unie. th'i
ther. 3i:aIelittle. I;,rst of thcy.-r, rchinwdl (l tilut. Keel  i ie :it-
:lu ii.  is rlt.
is, woeekng troin Pinkint!' I uiNt ill Tiuv  tie lple (ii. ]i'iuh ti! best
*tr tIie at ttcr the
2s ltas-ig 14. agd broeieilt t vith r lielt ti  tCilln-. l eh' 1-ictt ti
ut.h tlit ti pt tIlet-
lw lltiful al KIpecilltie   *,t  Ibirdl, (A  111:1ple  -II it ;It+1 I)( 
nto.  4, , 5 t! t1t1 ocrat-(. . 'l
and we CA-r ;1c ill .  ulitiiitl iti.      i ^v t " i  I  t ice- uu-it'l
 - ithe iplli.o
tihnre isda %% -hlt Itorelt III tlh( tla- oin kilil 'i P11**i  -II :1;t tii
riis u:yN\ hrt ;it g.iiit.1
0' tiniber ill) there.: and thinks there is :I *25 loc :i(TV, :t(1.,-Ili,|g
tlt II.(':tilll.  A
Illint oxf sillwivy   ill it jllt :1, s,).)l   :,s   0t41-4  In lIr~~  llN-
t ilill.4-I1 i I Il~ft,~;i
is uliull5il5 l g-I nd thie it wuiit w   11aiiim1 -i  pt r ti cct I  li 
lle  lr I ;lt Ai.l  t
tililixlr is  Mue  ui  t   tiltti  1tilt    o        teii lfit' t  11tl11rui
 lo.i l wor
n-ell soon hlea lto itsl t-1i 1i  i  t alez o ill  1 ;II ,  1 I  bl(
& I~~~~~:(a(. tic lt. %% hich   ,,, :I yv ar :1'.,.   t  :~Itl I  ttool
inImkin-g tip Pline 1:Lands ill N-4rthlern
Wlisetnisin, a1ll a~gree thalt  4--cuofi rl" Thli., r t , f i:l re #
anid I-birdls yeve   n~iale nkn~inll  5t1 !ial A vr  ; i ...t.4 < Io-,
ilil !liy ;1. tilt- %vcrk
niany diflf rent hH oalitie,>: til;It the .111ali t%  zj tro. i, . ,nsi,rv
t;, .gl ,, ; ,,
is unsutrpalssedl ald tile quantity aIlnwt 1l'-  ll) tl,( hil:,, i,:, (it
 -,rI. :1.11 tilz'
unlliuilt('d. Tlle valuel( 4)f this tinllzll                 &-r    
il    fui
PilIle   to,1'4''ts   I,,   (1,::; S  l
musilt SAH)I1 Ic'id to its     a~ aii l::lldl ;:
sxIter  illt-.tiikqulit  114iulslt   lie   In):14i1  t al~li
in its pliu ildunc at tile g  crI t p lie
per acre.
Fromt tbe Bay CGity O ieli.) t'li tioltietl.
PFie Luimber aud rtine Lased..
The high price ott )ine lands iii Miclii-
gan-highi as conipared with a lew  years
ago, but lo)w as coninparel with tiit priees
a few years hence-i, puiraill-ltd ly otiher
states in which pine is indegelloais.  Oil
one authority the advance of pineC lands
in Michigan, during the past year even, is
thirty three per cent.  liu Wicinisin andi
the tipper Mlississippi Valley the advlance
has not been so great, but et: r-spiniidingly
great. The saimc fact holds goo)d in re-
gard to the lumber and tiiiidr lands of
Maine'. The advance there during th(
past ye-ir is ascribld largely to tihe-
Spragues, who nave purchltsed nearly all
the timber lands on  the Kennelec,    ii-
though the Boston fire has stinitilated the
confidence of luniberrmeu as to the future
high prices.
I FIrt,,n I It , Litiiwiit i iialt',  I;;jzn ttte. tttl.
One1 X,ii ,r NIic lliga~ll p,4.1I:ipessr  :i4l-
,;.Itieu- the ttiplit)i,: tihlt hmiil!t  ill Ih lve
.1 *tui nm-arket nt-xt ):n, alt! g"it.
its ren-tni thu  it(ft thlit iin the  i.itetiir .tf
this St te ailt: W~isvusiu a large  iniiliiit-r
ot. su.- llills hiutve hio-en (ii X tt ,uht tiit'
ines (if ti. . v ralilrtl-a.  W'e ealiltit ctill-
cide Ill this view, tholougl 'kve adlmit that
quite a ntiniber otf neiie  ills  have  le(t'
terec-ted oil newr road.s. As a rule thleesc
new mnills are tif third -ate caipacity, hail
the luh  ier fromI thellm will hle largly re-
qluired for loxil iinprtieni-eiits.  We ven-
ture the opinioln that from the new   mills
erected on new railrnatls IUi Michigan dur-
ing 1872 there will wot reach any outsile
market in 1873 over 50,000,000     feet of
Iluiber. Iui Wisconsin wc tloubt if even
aIn equal atnlount is maninufactured for Chi-
cigo or any other mnarket ty inills otn nelw
lines of railroadl. There is every indica-
tion of an increased dtemnand in 1873 over
1872, but the clpacity  of our mills has

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