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The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest
Vol. 1, No. 1 (April 1873)

The Wisconsin lumberman. April, 1873,   pp. [1]-7 PDF (1.5 MB)

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THE WISCONSIN LUMBERMAN.                               3
and destrzyilg  millionls ft. of bluber csy of pre.scrvatio:i by bi.:dihg
of voludns
The d-strover of this rock, is our old and wc hope to rcnder such a fund
of in-
friend, .Jo. Frevnia, Whli  dCr ti..ds ex- formation that each subscriber
will desire
actlv how to Cl:en SUcIh 4 IypY out. There
are two ulore riocks at this poinit-tlhe to so prcserve their numbers
"Kelly" and the *ilot.   .d Mr. F. hals    We ask the sul)l) )rt
and encouragement
the contract tfr tlhe reinoivnlt fthe latter, of those eLgsige(l in lunlieri:ni-
in the diff-
wilie wvill ' 'iv( leunuther a el-a:i.e to pass erent pilieries of the State,
that a journal
without i.               r.o importance :id iluelence inat be per-
1pait.-NV~la:ltl-  PI,/,,!
mnalleatly e.wtahi~i.Shed.
T~ll'  LlI.X81  7:1A.?i
TNew Mtethod of ttae"liaign  handles
With this is~llt Of tih-           We, aij:w iN we
To Cro:.%-e:zt Saws.
ha:tV ouillv   i  I - id  re:ohi r 10: tter asI
sttter as ,  The .Srienti. -Ie lito', savs as foillows
Witls Co;iCL.ic .t wilth~out thllle -)(._t inl
gathetlinriiu i.Ajr:o:i ioi or -ttisti-.s  Lu-h  ofE a   icgtxioiis kin-a
,1 tattaching saws
i., theidr hialb-s. lately 1t itented by Jas. E
s iccessliv i-  I uniln  r 1'  ill -);.tai i n re
stafisticzll (!::ai ulltl Ivu; :1  { cia~l)lcd t o.Elasno  ,(v  rll,1:
"The i.-ve-tion -n:!si-ts ia an irregular-
giVetol( CONT,     oItr> t.Jrs LIl :1il tile                         
'                                     'i irrul reli ri 'I ihf. is i~iy shapedl
callm Ijl t, tlI;e  olody of ivIiich is
df r( .t lpi a- ri . ir the(t Stl-. () Ir I(:a('- aI little longr fil rul
thle shou1le rs than ftlic
elrs will k :onv hy a nnloul..ts I hoit nt, thl;t cofl)iiled thick .e- of
the wings att-ichcd
wi-vk oi~i-4 t'l~li'n A :,.. I d ite Lu Ni :EI:tI.AN  to the lia.-le s.cket
a;.d thc saw blade in-
Iit'CdiC a vi-,itr t~ I tine sitint I (-lltit-< vserted ietweea theno,
in order that the
c' tiriepi!;g (rain1 inlay hlave a holdl Up:)il the
b(+lC tf ue0 s   ! \)tLi.A!)1, l l i.1fori~l-  r]hs                     
I  t 3ii  -t     . outside o o;.e of said wi.1<gs.  This pro-
tiou  ii tile  '-nurv 1. W- %vish, thcrefore, 'jectioll ih.creascs iu thickaess
from  the
ever  I hllp-l nell :1 i.. \Vie.(,isi. , wh Ii  de- cod. As the bolt is turned
in one direct-
sires tie puo liv:ai )-lof aI joir.l ;l devoted ion, it forces th:at wilng
of the socket
to their i.:,rsts, to Is ts i.i gattllitr .ig toward the slouliler it the
thumb bolt
.Lnd clahimps the saw  firmly between thc
te ats a!:dl il-a-s rvla tL.g to tIne weltfre uul                       
r.     4  s~~~W vii~g .  .tt thre same timc thc crilarc
dci-el pine .t it her t gre;:t tirLit-i of the *hiamlueter of the body, in
turning, is hard
nciaul'ieturi.:gm ialndstrie ie f the State.  . aga.inst the side of the
hole throughl the
We also desiru thtnt mcli iildividnal saw blade, forcinmg the latter endwise
to WhIoimi thic ij urian I many sceni  a  lesi- "rainst the rivets.
By this means a solid
end bearih-g for the blade is obtained.
dematumi shalll :sith ctndling it. pat-.'
stimill      extending its pat-   The bolt can cuter the orifices in the
rOiflnge gs(;d wiill.              \ wiigs atid saw blade in tiut one
way, so
This nmumber of the LUMItEIVNIAN is no ' that no mistake can be made by not
indication of the size ot the plublihiati(,ii! clng it in its pruper position."
as we shall increase the numbner of its pa-
ges as we arc enabled t) gather facts of   Thc subscription price of the
importance to fill them.                 MAN is $2.00 per year. Scnd in your
The form of the LUMIERI4 N  re.ders it - ders soon if you desire the May

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