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The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest
Vol. 1, No. 1 (April 1873)

The Wisconsin lumberman. April, 1873,   pp. [1]-7 PDF (1.5 MB)

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2                      THE WISCONSIN LUiMBERMAN.
FAVOBABLE       PROSPECTS.          Ja cks,,, Eatt Chlirei a,(d DUJ;1. The
tp to the prcse:.t time the lunmblermen plltiol of the Green Bay &  Like
of Wisconsin, west of the Wolf river, have to the Mississippi a.nd the buildiag
of the
bcee almost entirely at the niercy of the Tomali & Gra:Al aipid1s liae
wiviL give ex-
dealers on the Mlississippi river (oiwieg to cellent routes vest viile tig
lit Wood,
the fact thtit lumber could o.lhv be mark- Porttge at*l Marathoia. will be
eted by floatti: g it to the Mississipp)i in
rafts at those seaso:. of the y. ar wl.e.t
"high water" favored. Duri.:gthesprilg
freshets the larger portion of the  hlmbier
manufactured the settso.i before would lie
run to and placed upo:l the Mis.issippi
markets at one timee; Iilit le .5s qi'I'.,titit(i
being ailsi fl:*ated  fron. the  Miaimes ita
ilneries, our lumblere:rx liative  enii ol)'!iged
to amelCpt _uchl prces Is wiuid  naturallly
result fronm a: (appearaatny at least) over
stocked market.-  Tlie c ).:seqece :cch.s
been extremely disastrous ti the wealthl
and development *f the pi..ries of the
Wisceonsin, Black a.:d ('liIppewa  rivers
That more favorable   prosl)ects are dis-
cernible in the future, there is uo dloubt;'
owing to rapidly devehopiing  tilr.aind svs-
tem of Central and Nortlier.i Wiseausl:.
By a careful study of the mal) it wizl hle
seen that the present .4ystcm of railreads,
so rapidly being construetel, will give to
each aud every county of the lumberi..g
districts vest of the Wolf river cOnmunui-
hv the huilili gg of thc lii.e ft.unl  Portage
City north.
Otlinr of railrtuAdds are  pr.Ujetc(l,
vith :1 llI st eert:ityv otf I).:StlUs t'.l);l, ;I JI
WVithi~l a Vc-iV tiW vye;lrs, five at the thrtl-
es, the rnili,-il v  teil olf 'No)tlhrl  Wis-
wv ill  r In i 101 Tii lu.. bile ii evi s. oft hie Kit-
oati ):i 'aid (ta:i at least  lisp ise  f tieir
e-ulj'nndity i leAI aaid wihere it h, st suits
thilei.  l'ersouial ol,ervath.i lot' tile ihi.
mle se prairies of i.,sas.. Nebraskz, D-i-
kotla 'Mi:i,:csota a :1lol1wa lo;:- -3i ;e (o 1-
J.iceik tiS that those (.iowV bei..gsi) ripidly
pop)ulatedl) fertile acres umtit pm y the price
ot toil ia's  sineLries; a..d  it
lmist le _elf evide;.t to :1ll Wiho use expe-
rietee tI .iIz oblsrVitvtio   Ut;(lersta;ndIim.gly,
that there is s'ioi to li a vast i.icrclse ini
th( westera deuiu:.d t r piiae lumber and
that tile i:;ereasli-g facilities fir  market-
ing our elhief comnimo(ity will affird    our
lumbermen suitalble rec.inipe.ise tor capi-
tal ai;:d labor inlvestedl.  Piae  la.As a.A.u
cation with  Southern markets.   Coni, Pi::c lumber nRost teud uipwards in
lueacing wvitli the Wisconsin Central, we front this tinie forwvard.
find that portions of Portage, Woo(l, M1ar-            -               -
athoi, Chippeiva, Clark antl Ashland N0 IWOME!
counties are afforded communication south.  Improvenicnts are being mnade
all alor-g
Douglas, Burnett, Barron and Polk will tile Wisconsin river, by the "Improvc-
wient Co.," and the '"Dry Rock," at Little
be assisted by the North Wisconsin, while Bull, is no nre escept in the piers
of J.
the West Wisconsin furnishes connuunica- Desscrt. This rock has been an eye
tion with Chicago for the lumber., en of to rivermen causing thz death of

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