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Northrop, E. B.; Chittenden, H. A., Jr. (ed.) / The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest
(July, 1874)

Yale Lock Manufacturing Company. Progress of the manufacture of locks and of bronze ornamental hardware--description of one of New England's leading manufactures,   pp. 377-386 PDF (3.1 MB)

Page 383

The Wiscosin Lumberman.
capable of 100,000,000 changes, every
combination of which is available.' In
design materials and workmanship these
locks are entirely unequaled and may
safely bepronounced the most perfect
locks ih the world.
Anotherspecialty of this department
is the manufacture of safe deposit locks
(as shown in cut below) and other fix-
tures for safe deposit use.
Another leading specialty is the manu-
facture of postoffice lock boxes, drawers,
call boxes, furniture and equipments
complete. The demand for this class of
work has necessitated large additions to
the company's manufacturing facilities.
Over fifty thousand of their lock boxes,
as illustrated above, are now in use by
the postoffice departments of the United
States and Canada, and they supply
postmasters with every requisite for the
entire furnishing of offices, including
lock boxes and drawers, call boxes-with
metallic or wooden fronts-counters, as-
sorting and distributing apparatus, de-
livery windows, letter hole plates, money
order stamps, inking pads, postal indi-
cators, postoffice books, etc. Estimates
are made and designs furnished for the
Most economical and convenient arrange-
ment and furnishing of offices, accord-
ing to the size and extent of business.
More than four hundred offices have been
fitted up by this company, and the ex-
pressions of satisfaction are entirely
Below we give cut showing their im-
proved mailing table.
The company also make several varie-
ties of prision locks, for cell and corri-
dor doors, etc. The "jam lock" un-
questionably affords the most perfect
security of any device ever introduced
for the purpose. Instead of being at-
tached to the door, as usual, it is built
into the masonry of the cell wall, the
bolt projecting into the door jam, render-
ing any attempt to tamper with the me-
chanism of the lock entirely futile. The
lock is furnished with six pins, or tumD
Jers, capable of more, than 1,O00,00(
changes, and the strength of the material
employed is such as to make the3se locks
impervious to any attacks, from within
or without.
In addition to the manufacture of
locks of all descriptions, the company
huve recently combined another depart-
ment, that of the production of real
bronze ornamental hardware, having
bought out the business of the Whitney
Manufacturing Company (late Whitney
& Rogers), of New York, and now offer
to the hardware trade an extensive
variety of such goods as ornamental front
door and house locks, in many sizes and
styles; door knobs and handles, fast and
loose joint butts, escutcheons, bolts, bell
pulls, catches, shutters and sash fasten-
ers, window pullies, name and letter
plates, and many other articles in the
line of house " trimmings."
All the above named goods are made
of genuine bronze metal, of a beautiful
golden hue, and in elegance of design,
richness of color, and perfection of finish,
are entirely unsurpassed. The superi-
ority of bronze over brass or plated
metal is at once obvious, since it cannot
tarnish by exposure, requires no labor
for the preservation of its appearance,
and is extremely durable. These goods
are coming into very general use in the
finishing of first class private dwellings,
banks, offices and public institutions, and
their former reputation will be enhanced
by the present enlarged facilities for
their manufacture.
The illustrations indicate the general
character of the work.
The works of the Yale Lock Manu-
faoturing Company are located at Stam-
ford, Conn. The buildings are substan-
tiall brick structures, the erection of
which was commenced in 1868. Within
the past two years the estabhlihmeit has
been greatly enlarged, additional ma-
chinery built, the steam power increased,
-, a4a
* ;.

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