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Northrop, E. B.; Chittenden, H. A., Jr. (ed.) / The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest
(August, 1874)

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The Wisconsin Luabrman.
test among some of the shingle-pack- o0
era at U. D. Mehills & Co.'s mill has
lately been decided. Mr. Herman
Walther, foreman at the mill, gives
us the figures, as follows: On May
26th, Miss Emma Carbano packed C
40,250; on the 27th, Miss Annie 1
Dougherty packed 42,000; on the   '
28th, Miss Delia Laduke packed t
43,000; and on the 29th,Miss Barbet- f
te Aures distanced all competitors and a
secured the championship by packing r
44,000. Each day's work was ten
and one-half hours. The figures we
have given can be verified and Miss
Aures wears the belt-for the pres-
ent at least. The best single honr's
work-4,500-was performed by Miss
Delia Ladake.-Fond du Lac JouriaL
A man named Nichols, an employe
in Mess. Tyson & Sweet's mill,in Man-
istee, was literally sawed in pieces,
on the 3d inst. When last seen he
was standing near the saw, and when
the inmates of the mill saw him again
he was passing under the saw His
head was sawed in two, and his body
-was severed in one or two places.
There was nothing in the saw at the
time, and it is a mystery how he be-
came thrown upon it, some suppos-
ing, however, that his clothing was
caught and he was thereby jerked in-
to the jays of death before he had
time to even utter a cry of distress.
He is said to resided in Milwaukee,
and some claim that he has a family
there while others are of the contra-
ry opinion.- Grand Rapids (Mich)
SOME SAwrNo The following item
comes through a special dispatch to
the Chicago Times. The logs were
probably selected with a view to the
finer class for rapid sawing and con-
venient handling.
On the 3d instant, the McGraw
Mill at Portsmouth, Michigan, with
three gangs and two circulars, cut
the enormous amount of 179,718 feet,
)g scale, in the actual running time
f two hours and forty minutes.
In the great forest, near Cape
Coast Castle, Africa, the silk-cotton,
ike a king of trees, towers over all
others. It is truly a most wonderful
ree. It grows faster than any other,
or the wood is soft. It must be one
of the largest trees in the world.
There is a most wonderful provision
of nature shown in this in compen-
sating it for the softness of its wood,
which, from its immense size, could
not support the weight of the branch-
as and towering top. Rising far
above the other giants, therefore de-
riving no shelter from them, each one
stands for a greater part of its height
a separate tree, and exposed to the
full force of the constant tornadoes
which sweep over this part of the
eountry during the rains. The neces-
sary support is given to it by a num-
ber of large buttresses all round the
stems; they are formed by the roots
which rise over the ground in a flat-
tened shape extending up the sides
of the trees, and forming most regu-
lar supports all round. In many
places the natives make use of the
spaces between these buttresses as
houses; merely making a roof over-
head, the house is complete. As the
people of this country never have
more than three walls to their houses,
and the tree, with two of its but-
tresses supplies those, they are quite
ready-made houses for them, and in-
destructible. While the tree is young
all the bark is covered with very
large,-strong thorns. For what pur-
pose it is provided with these is not
so evident.
Examine the Lumbermen's Regis-
ter at the end of this number. It
alone is worth the price of subscrip-
tion. Send in your subscriptions at
once; only $2.00 per year.
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