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Northrop, E. B.; Chittenden, H. A., Jr. (ed.) / The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest
(August, 1874)

A prospective view of the trade. The condition of the trade in the immediate future--overproduction--retrospective view--fair products for the fall trade,   pp. 494-497 PDF (1.5 MB)

The timber business. Please "wait a little" and see how it comes out,   pp. 497-498 PDF (746.7 KB)

Page 497

The Wisconst
from the non-action of his competi-
In other trades, both in wholesale
and retail branches, operations for
the month of June-speaking for
this city- show an actual gain over
the corresponding period last year.
Buyers are said to have been more
liberal than for twelve months past.
Money is undoubtedly in freer circu-
lation among the class who buy in
small lots, than at any time since last
September.  With the   prospects
which are now so apparent for abund-
ant crops throughout the entire coun-
try, it is more than probable that we
are to enjoy a good fall trade. An
increase in the different branches of
retail trade exerts a powerful influ-
ence in restoring confidence among
all classes, and it has already been
predicted that if this activity in the
retail trade continues during the
summer, "the anniversary of the Jay
Cooke failure will find money in as
free and general circulation as at any
time since the close of the war."
This line of reasoning does not ap-
ply to this city alone. From the
great eastern marts, New York, Bos-
ton, etc., come substantially the same
reports.  That this will affect the
lumber trade, other than in the way
of an increased demand could not be
asserted with confidence. We can-
not have an advance in the price of
certain grades of lumber while there
are large quantities on hand and con-
tinually being made. The price of
good lumber is not low now. There
is a good demand for the upper
qualities at paying figures. Our ad-
vices from the different distributing
points along the Mississippi, and the
large markets east, intimate an ex-
pectation of an active demand
throughout the season for fall trade.
A large amount of lumber is now be-
ing sold in this market, but at low,
we might say, ruinous prices. There
is too much low grade lumber on
hand and constantly being shipped
here to expect any material advance
very soon. The only remedy for
n Lunberman.                  497
this is in a cessation of shipments.
Thus, we can only argue for the im-
mediate future, an increase of sales
with but little advance in prices.-
Northwestern Lumber-inupt
Please "Wait a Little" and see how it
Comes Out.
Hudson Star Times.
The Star & Times has exposed the
ridiculousness of one of the phases
of "Reform," in the appointment of
an army of incompetent timber
agents to forage off from the St.
Croix land grant, and rob, in salaries
and expenses, the State of money
that ought to go into the treasury.
Instead of appointing one man, as
Governors Fairchild and Washburne
did to look after trespassers. Gov-
ernor Taylor has appointed-well we
don't know how many, we can only
call to mind, Wilson, and Bashford,
and Drakely, and Angel, and Whit-
tlesy, and Morse; and a few such
deputies as Dresser, and Blanding,
and Mears, and McDermiad; besides
Glover, Atty. General of the Brigade
-these are all we can think of just
The True Republican intimates
that a large amount of trespass will
be hunted up. It says:
It would seem that after all, the
trouble with Hod Taylor and Abe
Van Meter in regard to Gov. Tay-
lor's timber agents, was because
they were likely to find too many
trespassers, and thus show by con-
trast the incompetence to put it
most charitablyof Gov. Washburne's     X
timber agency ring. Mr. Bashford
and his assistants, on the St. Croix
waters alone, are likely to realize
more money from trespasses of last
winter, than has turned over to the
State Treasury in several previous
Will our little contemporary re-
strain its enthusiasm for a time?

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