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Haag, Rita / If you look back, it's not that far: memories of Mary Stella Sutter Haag recorded at age 103

Part I: Growing up in Perry,   pp. [2]-30 PDF (9.0 MB)

Page 12

to bake pies--that was a good smell. You could tell apple pies.
And Grandma made so much of that mincemeat. She made it herself,
she had a recipe: ground-up beef, apples, vinegar, sugar. Some
put in dark syrup, too. It's mostly beef. She made a big batch
always in the winter. When we butchered beef, we could make such
stuff. We canned it and then we had mincemeat pie in the summer
and the winter.
"Or they'd bake bread or cinnamon rolls. Ma always used to
make them; she made lotta cinnamon rolls. Her own recipe. No
(frosting, but) she'd put cinnamon and butter inside. Sometimes
raisins. Raisins that time was a common thing. You know when
we'd buy a loaf of bread, those years when I was at home, that
was dessert, especially cinnamon rolls and such stuff. Course we
didn't buy too much of that; that was too high priced. My mother
made them. She always made them cinnamon rolls and Christmas she
made braids." Mary described how her mother took four sticks of
dough and braided them together, circled them in a pan and put
sugar on top. "That was good. We called them Christmas wreaths.
We always had that for Christmas."
They had their own rhubarb and apple trees and later on
strawberries. "We just used strawberries for pie during the
season. We couldn't freeze them and we didn't even can them.
Other berries we canned. We'd pick blackberries and dewberries
and also huckleberries. Cooked 'em and put sugar in--we never
used them for pie, (but for) sauce. We used to pick lot a
berries, out in the woods.
"I remember once my mother and I went to the neighbor's farm
one forenoon and picked a lot of huckleberries, about a ten quart
pail. There's no more around. There used to be lot of bushes
but now there's too much livestock around. They eat them
(apparently in grazing and trampling they eventually destroy the
berry bushes.) You find some of them around yet. We made pie
too, but mostly canned them. We canned everything because there
were no regrigerators .
"(In) winter we had pumpkins for as long as we could keep
them, and sometimes we could keep them pretty near all winter--

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