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Haag, Rita / If you look back, it's not that far: memories of Mary Stella Sutter Haag recorded at age 103

Part I: Growing up in Perry,   pp. [2]-30 PDF (9.0 MB)

Page 11

that time, but he had a camera. The first people that got the
cameras they went around and took pictures. It was something."
Mary remembers that he came and took a picture of she and Rose,
sitting sidesaddle on the horses one day--the picture on the
cover of the book.
Not only horses, but all the other animals on the farm had
to earn their keep. No animals were purchased just for fun. "We
had just a farm dog. Nobody had pets at that time. I can only
remember one dog. He was a pretty good dog. He knew to get the
horses or the cows when we told him. He knew the difference."
Of course, there were also wild animals and Mary remembers
seeing wolves around the farm. "Well we had a corn field along
the woods. And when we were husking corn we'd see them." Mary
doesn't ever remember being bothered by them, although she said,
"I suppose maybe if we'd be out alone, but there was always the
men around, Dad and them were always husking corn (at the same
time she was). People didn't pay too much attention. But we
were afraid of them, because we knew they attacked."
She remembered a time when they were butchering and her
uncle and his family had been helping. When it was time to go,
they piled his share of meat on the wagon and headed out. Later
their uncle told them that on the way home, a pack of wolves
started following them, lured by the smell of the meat.
As the wolves got closer, they'd throw pieces of meat to
them. Then the wolves would all jump for the meat and tangle
over it, letting the wagon get on ahead. When they had eaten
that piece and started chasing the wagon again, they'd throw
another hunk of meat. All the way home the wolves followed them
and they had to toss a considerable amount of their meat to keep
the wolves away from the wagon.
Cooking and Food
Scientists say that the sense most capable of bringing back
memories is our sense of smell. When Mary was asked about her
favorite smells from childhood, she said: "Oh ya pies, they used

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