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Haag, Rita / If you look back, it's not that far: memories of Mary Stella Sutter Haag recorded at age 103

Part I: Growing up in Perry,   pp. [2]-30 PDF (9.0 MB)

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up...and we had a spring seat, a big high spring seat. We had
the lumber wagon with high wheels and we sat in there.  Eight
miles to town you know. It was great."
Although it was a wonderful treat to have your turn taking
the trip to town, it was a frightening experience to be in such
an unfamiliar place with strangers everywhere.
"When we went into town we were kinda scared you know, of
everything. " And Mary remembers they stayed pretty close to
their Dad. "Ya we stayed. Then we had to wait 'til that feed
was ground--some days a long time because there was lotta people
bringing (feed). If Dad wasn't early in the morning he had to
Although the wait was long and the fear of losing their dad
kept them on edge a bit, there was another big reward for
accompanying him to the feed mill. "He usually went to a
restaurant. That was a treat. That was, 25 cents we'd have a
big dinner. Just think of it, 25 cents. Ya, candy.. .well we
didn't stop; Dad never had much time for that. He usually stayed
there until his stuff was ground. He had to stay there for a
long time." When Mary was asked if there were other children
around to play with and help pass the time she answered: "No, I
can't remember much, but, we would have been afraid of them."
Imagine life without a telephone. Mary remembers when
phones first came to Perry. The first phone she knew of was at
the home of the Lawrence Post family. "You had to put it in your
ears. He said listen to this now, and he put it in our ears.
And you could just hear someone far away talking. And he said
pretty soon people will get together now and they'll talk. Soon
we'll have phones and we can talk to each other."
Mary remembers when her family got their first phone. "Oh
yah we had that on our farm. We had that when Adolph and Rose
were (living and working) down on another farm, and that was 7
miles. We thought that was nice. We could take the phone and
talk and once Rose said I should come down and stay there a
couple of days. Dad took me down, but when it was time to go
home nobody could take me. So I walked home, that was, well
around the road it was 7 miles, but I went across, but I said I'd
never do that again. I was tired. I had to walk through the
pastures, and there was cattle in there and that was dangerous.

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