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Hagen family; Lian, Anders / Papers, 1879-1899 [Translations]
Call Number, Eau Claire Mss CC Box 1 Folder 3 ([unpublished])

[From Andrew Lee]/ J. E. Camp 4-11-[1894] PDF (205.4 KB)

[From Andrew Lee]
                                     J. E.  Camp  4-11 - [1894]
Dear brother!
      Now   I find  myself   again  up  in   North  Wisconsin's 
expansive pine forest.   I am not far from the place where     I
 was   last  winter, only a couple miles from there.    But much
 is different since then on account of a fire which has     gone
 over   almost  every   place up here whereby the woods and old
 camps are destroyed.    Anyway,  I am living as usual   -  have
 my health and tolerably good appetite.
      Here   it is raining nearly every day so concerning the 
weather it is not very pleasant;    but we will have   to  hope
that   with time it will be better.   The first snow came last 
week.   I believe it was the last of October, but     today the
fields are bare again.
      Before  I   left Eau Claire I met Julius Sende.   He came
 down there to hire out for the woods    but   he  did't  get   a
 chance yet,   so he was in Eau Claire when I left there.
      He  told  so  many fibs and stories that I had to laugh 
more at him in an evening    then  I  usually   do  in  months.
Likewise    I met  someone   from Dillan who was there for the
 same reason.   He went to the woods in Hayward the    same  day
that I left.
      You   have  my many thanks for the photograph which you 
sent me.    I almost didn't recognize you.   If I am living and
healthy next summer,   I will take  a   photograph  of  me  and 
send   one   to you  so that you can have the opoportunity to
judge which of us has the longer    mustache.   Mine  is  quite
 long now, you can believe.
      Finally, you   must    not forget    to  write  and  that
 immediately.   It is so exciting every time a letter arrives.
      You must hereby be greeted from me.    And greet all  the
 acquaintances from me.
                                                 Andrew Lee
                                      John Englands Camp nr.   2

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