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Hagen family; Lian, Anders / Papers, 1879-1899 [Translations]
Call Number, Eau Claire Mss CC Box 1 Folder 3 ([unpublished])

[From Andrew Lee]/ Eau Claire 29 August 1894 PDF (200.6 KB)

[From Andrew Lee]
                                   Eau Claire  29 August 1894
Dear parents!
      After  a  long  wait  I received a letter from you last
 week and with gladness see by it that    you  are   living  and
have   your health.  Well, I can return the same information.  
I am living as usual and have my    health, but   one   day and
week go along exactly as the others.
      We  are  having  a terribly dry and warm summer.    There
 has been almost no rain in the last 2 months     and   when we
earlier   had  an  almost  southland's   warmth,  then  you can 
almost imagine how it is - everything is drying up.
      The times are still poor and depressing.    Thousands  of 
men   are without jobs and many suffer from need, even though
people are expecting a change for the better.     How soon that 
will come is not good to say.
      You ask if I am thinking about coming home soon.    Well,
I do not know what I should say.    If I get a chance for   the
woods   this winter I'd better endure the existence over here
 yet for a while.
      I would like to stay and see if the times will    change, 
and   so I cannot say anything about whether I will be coming
home soon or later.
      As to news, things are as   usual.  I  do   not   know of 
anything   which  would be of interest to you to write about,
so I will have to finish with a friendly greeting to you all.
      Best wishes.
                                     Andrew Lee
                                       725 Water str.
                                       Eau Claire
      Last time I wrote I asked   you  to  inquire   -  if  you 
should   go  to  Levanger - why Norden Fjells Tidenes was not
being sent here even though we had paid for the     paper.   As
 I   presumed  you  had forgotten to mention it when you wrote
the last time, you must not forget next time.

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