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[Land use planning reports; Wisconsin counties]

Land use planning report: Pierce County, Wisconsin, 1940,   pp. [unnumbered]-R-12 PDF (12.0 MB)

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     Pierce County with a land area of 370,448.22 acres ranks fifty-second
in size among the 71 counties of the stato.   It is considerably smaller
than any of tho surrounding counties except Popin, and is almost exactly
same size as Groen County in the southern part of the state.
     There is considerable variation in the size of the 17 towns in Pierce
County. The tovmns' range is from 30,731 acres in River Falls to only 6,773
acres in Isabolls. Ilaiden Rock, vrith 26,318 acres, ranks second in size
and is closcly followed by Oak Grove wvrith 26,104 acres.
      In general, Pierce County is a well-dissected upland plain vhich
slopes vory gently to the south and southwest.   ilarti's "'Physical
of 1ATisconsin" compares this region, and especially the area around
Falls writh the Alleghany platoau in western New York state.   The Lower
Magnesian limestone upon which the plain is formod has boon cut into
narrow stream valleys which are sometimes 100 to 300 foet below the wide,
gently rolling or rolling, interstrcam uplands.   A fcvw isolated hills and
long ridges rise above the surfaeo of the plain, espoeiallyr to the north
and northwest of Lllsworth.   Those hills and ridges are capped by resistant
Galcna-Black Rivcr limestone and are remnants of a highcr plain which once
covered this rogion.   To thc south and wrest thc upland (about 1,200 f'oet
above sea level) droe)s ar;my to tho rivor ovcar bluffs, 200 to 500 fcot
       P icrce County vas oneo covered by the ,reat continental ice shoot.
 .owover, the county lios in ;what rlacial Leologists now call the area of
 "Old Drift" to distinguish it from the "Young Drift"
-- th( glacial drift
 resulting from thc !fisconsin ice shoct.  During tlhe Glacial ;'criod, there
 wore successive advanced and retreats of the ice, the last advanec whiich
 covered this section of the country, is knonm as the 'Aisconsin stage of
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