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[Land use planning reports; Wisconsin counties]

Land use planning report: Pierce County, Wisconsin, 1940,   pp. [unnumbered]-R-12 PDF (12.0 MB)

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Bulletin prepared by the Wisconsin Crop and Livestock Reporting Service,
and the other was a similar bulletin on a township basis prepared by the
County Extension Office. Aftcr the presentation and discussion of this
material, recommendations wore made vihich Trore recorded by the County
Agent to be presented to the County Land-Uso Planning Committee.
     In June, 1940 the County Land-Use Planning Committee met and reviewed
the recommendations of the community committecs as well as adding many of
their ovwn. It vras requested that those recommendations and a description
of their problems of the county be put into report form to be presented
to the State Land-Use Planning Committee for their action.
                          DESCRIPTION OF COUNTY
     Pierce County is located on the west-central border of T.isconsin,
bordered on the south by the Mississippi River which forms Lake Pepin,
and a small part of Pepin County. The westrrn border is formed by the
Mississippi River and Lake St. Croix, vhilo St. Croix County forms the
northern boundary, and Dunn and Pepin the Eastern. Ellsvrorth, the county
seat of Pierce County, is about 30 airline miles from St. Paul, Minnosota,
and it is about 185 airline miles from Madison, Wisconsin.
      At one time Pierce County had a large number of livestock shipping
 associations located at Maiden Rock, Hagor City, Prescott, River Falls,
 Ellsworth, Spring Valley, and Elmvwood. The one locatod at Elmwood lwas
 the largest in the state, but now there are no such associations chiefly
 because of the change in mode of transportation from railway stock cars
 to trucks. This was possible since the market is located in south St.
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