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[Land use planning reports; Wisconsin counties]

Land use planning report: Pierce County, Wisconsin, 1940,   pp. [unnumbered]-R-12 PDF (12.0 MB)

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Even if the programs had boon sot up more slowly, it would still be nec-
essary to imako sure that these programs are in harmony with operations
in the county. This is one of tho most important jobs that the County
Land-Uso Planning Committco's work is attempting to do; to help each of
those programs to tic in Pith all the others; and to form an agricultural
program that is vroll coordinated when it reaches the county, the neighbor-
hood, and the farm.
     In November, 1939, the chairmen of the community committees appointed
their community committee members. A month later when community committee
meetings were held, a member of the County Extension Office attended each
meeting and explained the purpose and objectives of the land-use planning
work. At this meeting they started on their land classification phase
of the work by mapping their individual communities on county plat maps,
and coloring the various classes as instructed in Work Outline No. 1.
The plat maps were later copied on a county map of a one inch to the mile
scale which had been supplied by the State Agricultural Extension Depart-
ment. At this same meeting, the committee asked for background informa-
tion on a county and town basis to be used in studying their problems.
Members of Homemaker Clubs, who were on the committee, met with the Home
Demonstration Agent to discuss information they desired which would enable
them to contribute to the planning work.
      A second series of the land-use planning community meetings werc hold
 in the month of May, 1940. A state land planning representative was present
 at each meeting of this series. In addition to the presentation of the
 completed land-use classification map by the County Agent, many other charts
 and maps showing othcr conditions of the county by towns wore presented
 to the committees. Among tlheso maps and charts, thr following information
 was presented at each meeting of the series: (1) a map showing the loca-
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