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[Land use planning reports; Wisconsin counties]

Oconto County land use planning reports - 1940,   pp. [unnumbered]-11 PDF (15.7 MB)

Page 10

square mile towns.  However, Breod and Bagley combined are not larger than
Brazau, Armstrong, Rivervieovl or Wheuler are now, and not much larger than
Little River or Little Suamico. However, the road system of the tovns
in the Nicolet Forest is such that practically all residents can roach
n county or state trunk highway after a short trip over tovn roads after
.vhich it is casy to reach any central place where thc naI, toxin hell might
be located.
         The above does not exhaust the possibilities of combinations.
The lay-out of the roads in Baglcy suggests that combining with Maple
Valley would be more convenient for the residents of Bagley then consolida-
tion with Brecd. ILikc.risc x4Ding out all tovn lines in the Nicolet
National Forest and drawing a line so as to creatc. tvo new tovins based
the present road system, distribution of taxablc property -nd of farms
might result in a satisfactory arrangement, though savings no doubt wi.ll
ba greater if only ono tox.n were created.
         However, the prstsent road systmin should not bc permitted to de-
termine the town set-up.  Toirn government *.ill be modified by the
excellent suggestions made in the Land Us, Plrnning report on roads,
education, public acquisition and menagement of public lrnds, etc.
P..rhrps th. most forwrard looking recommendation is made on pag; 21
"Under governmental reorgrnization, the area of the towns and the type
of government might be changed according to ma.jor lnnd us5s and only
Vital public services provided.'  This recomm ndation recognizes thr.t
th3 form of government should fit tho needs of the people ss influoneod

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