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[Land use planning reports; Wisconsin counties]

Oconto County land use planning reports - 1940,   pp. [unnumbered]-11 PDF (15.7 MB)

Page 9

         It cannot be expected therefore that costs will be cut in half.
But using the cost of general government of Little River as a guide-
$1,169-with $268,470 of taxable value "back of" this cost the cost
1,000 of assessed valuation would be $4.35, a worth while reduction from
$5.02 and $7.01, the present costs in these two towns.
         The same possible reductions can be o-pected if all the tovms
of the Nicolet Forest area were consolidated. Because of the size of the
area, however, the town board might need more than the sums expended by
the present town board of Little River. However, many of the other
items such as treasurer, clerk, board of review, elections and town hall
could be reduced to 1/4 or 1/5 of the present total expense. One-third
of assessed valuation consists of swamp, waste and cut-over and this should
reduce the work of the assessor, as well as the fact that only 40% of the
area is taxable at all. Assuming that it will cost trrcco as much to
operate this large town as it does the town of Little River the cost per
$1,000 would be reduced from the p-)resent $6.26 to $2.41
         Reducing the number of towns will not only save costs of town
government but also the cost of county government. The seven members of
the county board representing the present tomns xvould be reduced to twors
Math more than proportionate savings in per diem and mileage for county
board attendance since these tovwns are those farthest from the county seat.
         The final consideration is the question of convenience of the
Poople in attending town meetings, going to elections, paying taxes., etc.
Of course the distances are greater in large to',,s then in the usurl2 36

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