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[Land use planning reports; Wisconsin counties]

Oconto County land use planning reports - 1940,   pp. [unnumbered]-11 PDF (15.7 MB)

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   Doty spent $131 on the average for the assessment of its properties
   which in 1940 totalled $88,679; in Bagley $62 was spent to assess
   t67,015 of taxable property, and in Little River $150 to assess
   $996,055 of real end personal property. The assessor had to see 13
   farmers in Doty, 42 in Bagley and 198 in Little River. Unfortunately
   the data at hand do not show hoof many resorts, stores, residences,
   factories and other non-farm properties the assessor had to visit,
   so complete and fair comparisons cannot be made. Nevertheless, one
   wonders how adequate a job an assessor can perform for $62. It may
   be that the town that spends $130 a year is getting more for its tax
   dollar then the one that spends $60 for assessment. The some must be
   said for most of the other functions and officers.  Some towns have spent
   as little as $2 a year on their town halls, othersas high as $164;
   whether these sums arc wisoly spent 1nd carefully administered cannot
   be told until the purposes are examined vnd the work appraised.
            The cost of town government can be compared best if the cost
   is shown in terms of $1,000 of assessed valuation. Since the cost of
   government for the towns vws presented for the years 1932-1936, in
   Table VI., the assessed valuations as found in the Supervisor of
   Assessments reports were averaged for the same years, but 1937 was
   added to broaden the average by one year in Table VII.   Compared with
   the same value figure, in Table II. for 1940, it Aill be noted that
   thu valuations for 1932-36 wore higher than in 1940 for the forest
   tomns, including Bagley. Taxable values were do n in Breod and Little
   River* In other 'rords, the ability of thu forest towns to pay for
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