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Upham, Mary Cornelia Kelley, 1843-1912 / The lumber camp report of the Wisconsin W.C.T.U.: for winter 1891-92

For winter of 1891-1892,   pp. [1]-3 PDF (617.5 KB)

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 you. Another winter your superintendent will try to get morelacknowl-
 edgments while you expect less, and we trust both will be satisfied.
            Faithfully yours,
                Mrs. MARY C. UPHAM, Marshfield, Wis.
                     Nat. and Wis. Supt. W. C. T. U. Camp Work.
                 Mrs. HArrIE S. HASTINGS, Green Bay.
                      Asst. Supt. of Wis. W. C. T. U. Camp Work.
                            VERNONAJCT., WIS., Sept. 21st, 1891.
 President of W. C. T. U., Geneva Lake, Wis.
     DEAR MADAM: Excuse the liberty I take in writing you this line, .-
 but I was working in one of Daniel McLeod's camps last winter and I
 was very much pleased and greatly interested in your weekly contribu-
 tions to our camp in the shape of reading matter. I make bold enough
 to write and ask you to confer a favor upon us this winter also, and
 whatever your terms are please let me know and I will send you the
 money. (There is no money taken in camps for this work.)
     Trusting in God that I do not intrude and that this will meet with
 your approval, I am,
                       Very sincerely yours,
                                             CAMP FOREMAN.
                        W. C. T. U. NOTES.
    The following letter received by Mrs. J. H. Gould from the lumber
 camps at Hayward, Wis., explain themselves:
     MADAM: Your favor of the 3Ist ult. came duly to hand and con-
 e-nts noted. Accept my best thanks for your kindness in sending me
 so much reading matter. I hope I may some day be able to pay you for
 your kindness.
                 Yours very truly,
                                   F. H. M., Foreman of Camp.
P   DEAR MADAM: Papers received all right, and in behalf of the
boys in camp please thank all those who are interested in contributing
reading for us. Tell them all we are very thankful, for it is all the news
we get. And as one of the boys remarked when the last mail of papers
came, "Now we can find out what is going on in God's country."
Thanking you kindly, one and all.
                                  W. L. W., Foreman of Camp.

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