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Simmons second century

A story of diversification

is a leading supplier of high-fashion
fabrics for draperies and upholstery,
wallpaper and carpets. It sells to
interior decorators, department
store decorating departments, and
manufacturers of upholstered
furniture. Greeff designs or
purchases designs, buys fabrics, and
subcontracts printing.
About half its fabrics are made
abroad, mostly in Europe.
The acquisition of Greeff
gives Simmons new channels to the
decorator trade. In addition, the
fashion authority of Greeff
supplements our own.
manufactures wood cribs, bureaus,
chests and chairs for children.
Originally, this business was
founded by Thomas Edison
Company to make phonograph
cabinets. Since acquiring it in 1965,
we have substantially increased its
capacity in anticipation of a
growing juvenile market in the
century ahead.
is a leading importer and wholesaler
of high-fashion avant-garde furniture
to top department stores, furniture
stores and interior decorators. In
many ways, its business closely
complements that of
Raymor/Richards, Morgenthau.
is a national distributor of
contemporary home
furnishings: lamps, wall decor,
dinnerware, smokers' articles,
specialty furniture, craft-related
products in ceramic, wood, metal
and crystal, and much more. Indeed,
Richards, Morgenthau is the oldest
and largest wholesale distributor of
accessories in the country. For the
most part, it does not manufacture
but acts as selling agent for a roster
of American and European factories
that work under its direction and
style supervision. The Raymor
division acts as importing arm for
European products. Its customers
are the country's most prestigious
furniture and department stores.
founded in 1931, isa prestige
manufacturer of high
fashion contemporary upholstered
furniture. Selig is a leading
importer of contemporary wood,
steel, and glass furniture. The
corporate headquarters
and principal manufacturing plant
are located in Leominster,
Massachusetts. Other manufacturing
plants are located in Monroe,
Louisiana, and Siler City, North
Carolina. Selig furniture is sold
directly to a select group of leading
department and furniture stores,
most of whom are also Simmons
customers. Selig maintains
showfloors at New York, High Point,
Chicago, Los Angeles, and San
located in York, Pennsylvania, is a
major manufacturer in the United
States of top-quality wood and
metal caskets. The company supplies
finished caskets directly to funeral
directors and it also sells to
distributors who buy wood casket
"shells," and then finish them to the
local funeral director's specifications.
A casket is essentially a specialized
piece of furniture, involving the same
technologies-even the same unions.
Therefore, we expect a valuable
exchange of production know-how
will make the casket field a logical
and solid diversification that will
strengthen our technical resources.
is the country's leading maker of
high-quality metal casket "shells."
This acquisition is a logical extension
of our investment in the casket field.
Elgin and York-Hoover do not
compete; they make different
products, sold through different
channels, serving different segments
of the industry. Elgin makes only
steel, copper and bronze "shells,"
which are sold only to local
distributors who install interiors and
resell to funeral directors.
represents Simmons' oldest and most
valuable subsidiary. Simmons
Limited Canada has always been
one hundred percent managed by
Canadians. Its product line parallels
that of the U.S.A. with appropriate
Canadian differences. The company
operates plants in Montreal, Toronto,

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