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Simmons second century

A story of citizenship

who qualifies in the National Merit
Scholarship program.
We have always been very fair
with the consumer-the final arbiter
of our destiny. "Mr. Simmons stands
behind every bed" is more than a
joke. We do stand one hundred
percent behind our products.
Indeed, we were the first in the
mattress industry to give a stated
warranty against structural defects.
Perhaps the most dramatic
example of Simmons' concern with
the consumer is our million dollar
plus investment in pure research into
Ours is a story of concern for people,
for our plant environments,
and for the communities where we work.
human sleep. Our first sleep research
in the 1 930's was the earliest such
investigation ever made. Dr. Harry
Miles Johnson of the Mellon
Institute worked six years under a
Simmons grant taking millions of
We received objective, scientific
proof that the Beautyrest with its
pocketed coil construction is the best
support there is for restful, truly
recuperative sleep.
Because Simmons is concerned
with real consumer benefits and not
just claims, we are continuing our
pure sleep research in a variety of
ways. In addition, NTC constantly
studies all our ingredientsto make
sure of consumer safety from every
possible viewpoint. Simmons is the
hallmark of quality in sleep products;
we will continue to merit the
consumer's faith and confidence.
measurements, to establish the way
in which the body periodically
moves in sleep to rest first one set of
muscles and then another.
After World War II, the Sleep
Research Foundation, again
supported by a Simmons grant,
conducted an eleven-year series of
investigations into sleep. An array of
sophisticated electronic devices
were designed specially for the
study. They measured and
correlated brain waves, heart beat,
respiration rate, muscle tension, skin
temperature and body movements.
The result was the first scientific
proof of a number of assumptions
people had long held about sleep.
We learned invaluable facts about
the dynamic and ever-changing
phenomenon of sleep and about the
importance of the sleeping surface.

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