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Simmons second century

A story of markets

A story of citizenship

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We give him the best known
names. In other words, we are
heavy, consistent, long-term,
successful national advertisers.
Through advertising, the names
"Simmons" and "Beautyrest" have
become the best-known sleep names
in the world. By putting the bulk of
our advertising dollars behind our
top-priced product, we have made
One of 66 Simmons Service Stations.
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it possible for the retailer to sell the
general public better bedding at a
better profit. It is the average wage
earner and not the rich man who is
the best customer for Beautyrest and
the Supersizes.
Simmons Company is often cited
as one of the outstanding advertising
successes of all time. Certainly
advertising has played a key role in
a magnificent marketing story.
a story of
Simmons Company's record of
corporate citizenship is one we can
all be proud of. On this occasion,
your management renews its
commitment to those responsibilities
that must accompany the right to a
fair profit.
We have always been concerned
with being a good neighbor in a
physical sense. Our plants are neat
and handsomely landscaped. They
are quiet. At all our plants, wastes
are carefully compacted and
removed or incinerated.
Our philanthropy record is very
fair. In every plant community we
have long supported the Community
Chest. We contribute to neighboring
hospitals and health agency drives,
notably the Red Cross. For years we
have contributed to the National
Fund for Medical Education. We
support higher education in general
through our Matching Gifts Program.
In 1970 we will underwrite
scholarships for any child of a
Simmons or subsidiary employee
The bedding department. It can be
as glamorous as her own boudoir.

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