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Simmons second century

A story of people

of our business. Simmons people
enjoy the best fringe benefits in our
Every employee participates in
either a Union or one or more
company health and hospitalization
plans, retirement plans, and life
. . . the best fringe benefits
in the industry.
insurance plans. Everyone,
excepting corporate officers, is
eligible for the Simmons stock
purchase program.
Another aspect of Simmons
"concern" is our wide-open policy
of advancement. Wherever possible,
we promote from within. Consider
the background of our officers. The
President, Executive Vice President
for Domestic Operations and the
Vice President for Sales all started as
cub salesmen. So did all four of our
Bedding Division General
Managers. The Vice President for
Research and Development packed
lawn swings. And so it goes, through
every level of management, in every
country where we do business.
Indeed, a remarkable number of
foreign citizens hold top executive
positions in every one of our
international companies.
We have always respected
individuality, too-another
characteristic of "concern." Thus,
our management styles focuses more
on results than on procedure, on
deeds more than dogma. In the
Simmons climate, executives at every
level are encouraged to grab the
initiative, to experiment, to show
their stuff.
What of our future concern for
Simmons people? It is obvious that
there is a "chicken-and-egg"
relationship between the welfare of
the employee and the health of the
company. Only through the skills
and brains of Simmons people can
we continue to prosper; and only if
the company continues to prosper
can we provide tomorrow's wages
and fringe benefits and security.
Change, rapid and fundamental,
is affecting every facet of our
business and every individual in it.
Company and employee prosperity
go hand in hand.
The education explosion, the
information explosion, the cultural
explosion-all will have their
profound effects in the next decade.
The arts will influence our products.
New techniques of data processing
and data communications will reach
into every corner of our business. All
of us must move with these currents
of change.
As a burgeoning federal, state
"We promote from within." Hence the need
for job training at every level.

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