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Simmons second century

A story of sleep

special enthusiasm from a list of
suggestions originating within the
company. It narrowly won over
"Sleep Comfort" and "Slumber
Well I"
The first Beautyrest ad appeared
in the Saturday Evening Post with the
headline, "Give Your Tired Brains
and Body This Chance to Renew
Their Energy Every Night."
The famous pocketed coils. Below,
the first Beautyrest advertisement.
Talk about sleep-inducing
advertisements! Fortunately,
this bland approach was
quickly replaced by the most
sensational testimonial campaign
ever seen. In ad after full-page ad,
such giants of the Coolidge era as
Henry Ford, H. G. Wells, Cyrus
Curtis, Harvey Firestone, Al Smith,
Julius Rosenwald, George
Bernard Shaw, Marconi and
Thomas Edison gave their opinions
on the value of sleep.
Beautyrest sales zoomed to
$3 million in 1927, to $9 million
by 1929.
In the 1930's, our advertising
began to feature, of all things, sex.
A lovely girl, usually stretching and
obviously ready for sleep, became a
S     must. Whenever a man appeared
in the ad, she naturally had to
wear a wedding ring. (Once a
photographer forgot the ring and
for weeks we were answering
indignant mail.)
Then came a scare campaign,
with headlines such as "What Is
Your Mattress Doing To Your Face?"
We also began to publicize the
ruggedness of Beautyrest. A torture
machine was constructed to pound
Beautyrest and its competitors night
and day. We went to Ringling
Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Circus
and photographed an elephant
standing on the mattress, and then
we cut open the Beautyrest to reveal
the miracle: no broken springs.
-e        695°      In these decades of growth,
ur tired brain and body tb"" "  Beautyrest truly created a revolution
chano  , to: renew. their energy  isnkh  'Zin sleep. A second revolution
began in 1958 when Simmons
launched the first Beautyrest
h    SIM MONS_-,..-       Supersize promotion. Again,
eaU-#Mt      al          the sleeping habits of
America went in for a change. We
made people aware that the
_.! aders in yft'/ahi sC(' OUDSEEP
M.~~~               V ___  SITAL Tu
7                       SOUND NERVES

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