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Turcheneske, John Anthony / The Ku Klux Klan in northwestern Wisconsin

Chapter 10: Conclusion,   pp. 187-191 PDF (1.9 MB)

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the time.  This, however, did not work. As Governor John Blaine explained
on several occ7,,sions, there just were not that many credulous people in
Wisconsin. The Governor, himself anti-Klan, was elected to the United States
Senate in 1926. True, Robert Graham, an alleged Klan candidate was elected
Assemblyman from St. Croix County in 1926. But Graham was never heard from
again once his term was over. From the Ellsworth area of Pierce County, the
7,-   3 Governor was given reports of great Klan strength. Still, according
to one Ellsworth resident, Father Shanaghy, all 
the Klan candidates had been defeated. It would appear as one Pierce County
resident stated that many former Kluxers and sympathizers had returned to
the use of common sense.3 
Finally, the Klan was the victim of its ovtn hatred. By its actions, it had
discredited itself. Charles Lowater, 
for example, was right for the wrong reasons in stating that the mouthings
of bigotry were the seeds of the organization's destruction. lowater was
wrong only in that he attempted to separate the so-called Klan principles
of one hundred percent Americanism from the Klan's speakers. 
3Personal letter of Ralph 3. White to Johii A. 
Turcheneske, Jr., December 17, 1970. White explained that Klan " ,i.novel
t- wore off rapidly here (Maiden Roc ,, ierce County area) as we were not
unfriendly to our catholic acquaintances." As to the length of Klan
activity "....the really up and at them part could not have lasted more
than a season when common sense again prevailed and money failed to enrich
the coffers."  In regard to the money angle, Clair Travis testified
at the Baker hearing that "It takes quite a little money to keep up
with the organization and dues. It was for that reason I dropped out."
 (See Baker Investigationt Commission Hearing, p. 149) Also see end of Chapter

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