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Turcheneske, John Anthony / The Ku Klux Klan in northwestern Wisconsin

Chapter 7: One man's vendetta,   pp. 120-137 PDF (5.8 MB)

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courts could not exercise jurisdiction in a case such as Minier's Thite noted
that the State of 1iontana had a corrupt practice law similar to Wisconsin's
Sections 12.22 to 12.24 inclusive. By way of citing precedent, White stated
that in a case similar to 11Minier's, a Montana court, in a clear cut opinion,
held that state's corrupt practice law to be of no effect and unconstitutional.44
White also agreed v7ith the Governor that had "....the petitioner...proceeded
Ln the proper jurisdiction before the election to restrain the placing 
of Graham's name on the ballot the court would have had jurisdiction."45
Blaine agreed that White was correct in his opinion, thus giving the Governor
no basis on w hich to initiate a full scale investigation into Einier's complaint.
Meanwhile, inier was getting rather anxious. Time was getting short and if
a case were to be made it would have to bedone quickly else all would be
lost. In an early December letter to the Governor, the Assemblyman let it
be knovn that he had submitted a copy of the petition to 
Attorney Dan H. Grady. According to 17inier, Grady 
44White to Blaine, November 27, 1926, OPI., The case 
cited was State ex rel Smith v District Court 50 Montana 134. 
45Ibid. The precedent cited in this case was State 
ex rel Vc±7voy v Gillian 60 Wash. 420. 
46 Letter of John J. Blaine to Ferris M., White, November 30, 1926, an. 

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