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Turcheneske, John Anthony / The Ku Klux Klan in northwestern Wisconsin

Chapter 7: One man's vendetta,   pp. 120-137 PDF (5.8 MB)

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but was engaged by the Klan to do all of its print work.2O 
Should the Governor deign to permit a commencement of the suit, Minier stated
that a Dan Grady would be his first choice for counsel. W7ere Grady not able
to act on behalf of the plaintiff, Perris MTnite, an attorney at River Falls,
would be the other alternative.21 Minier believed that this case would make
an excellent testing ground as to the viability of the Corrupt Practices
Act. In a postscript, the Assemblyman exclaimed that "I love the Klan
as the devil loves holy water."'22 
Governor Blaine replied that action could be initiated through application
to the County Judge, the Attorney General, or the Governor. However, the
law provided that there must be sufficient evidence " ..... to show
that there is probable cause to believe that such proceeding may be successfully
maintained....,'23 Furthermore, it was pointed out that the court proceedings
would be only of an investigatory nature. If the Court found that the Corrupt
Practices Act had indeed been violated, it was to certify such findings to
the Secretary of State who in turn was to notify the proper legislative body.
The Court, said Blaine, did not have the power to render a binding decision
21Minier to Blaine, November ll, 1926, Blaine ?zpcrs Box 59.° 
23Letter of John J. Blaine to Ethan B. I."inier November 19, 1926, Blaine
rapers, Bo, 59 

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