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Turcheneske, John Anthony / The Ku Klux Klan in northwestern Wisconsin

Chapter 7: one man's vendetta,   pp. 120-137 PDF (5.8 MB)

Page 121

was "at the urgent request of my friends in all parts of St. Croix County...."that
he continue his campaign for reelection.4 
Continuing, the candidate stated that his friends 
believed he was not beaten fairly in the preceding primary. There was a reason
for this. In the Assemblyman's opinion, there was the circulation of what
Minier deemed to be an illegal ballot. Minier further charged that this ballot-alleged
to have been distributed by his opponent and other individuals--was responsible
for his being denied a berth on the general election ballot.5 The illegal
ballot was supposed to have been "....secretly placed in nearly every
polling place and in some instances even in the voting 
booths, all contrary to the criminal law."6 Minier went on to say that
he would "....endeavor to make the Corrupt Practices Act mean and do
what it purports to mean and do and to make it enforceable with even more
drastic penalties; to curtail if not make impossible political activities
secret and anonymo:is political organizations which work in the dark, stab
in the back...." and blatantly violated the law as it then stood.7 
For the second time in as-many months, the electorate of St. Croix County
mandated that Ethan B. Minier be turned 
4Ne__ Richmond News, October 27, 1926, p. I& 

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