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Turcheneske, John Anthony / The Ku Klux Klan in northwestern Wisconsin

Chapter 6: Incident at Northline,   pp. 93-119 PDF (8.8 MB)

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Because of this he said in his church that a 
protest should be made against the charges. 
He had no violence in his mind, only 
protection of the Church and himself from 
the charges. From this, the District 
Attorney has deduced a moral responsibility of Pr. Rice for the riot. There
is no legal 
responsibility attaching to him, and that is 
what we are examining here. Therefor, it 
is my duty to discharge Father Rice.; 
Tony Lombard and George Hennesy were acquitted.67  The remaining eleven defendants
were bound over for the Fall term of the Circuit Court.68 
In the aftermath of the trial, the Hammond News 
noted that a great deal of feeling was being created over 
the incident. Many different stories were said to be circulating. These had
gotten to be so out of proportion 
that it was getting rather difficult to obtain any accurate information on
the happenings.69 The Baldwin Bulletin noted that feeling was running rather
high in FTdson. Sheriff Emerson was said to be taking precautions to prevent
any reprisals that might occur. After the hearing was concluded, 11.lan members
and synpathizers gathered to discuss Arnquist's decision. Those who sympathized
with the defendants did the same.70 
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