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Turcheneske, John Anthony / The Ku Klux Klan in northwestern Wisconsin

Chapter 5: Klan happenings in St. Croix County,   pp. 81-92 PDF (3.8 MB)

Page 83

There appeared an anonymous reply to Robert's letter in the May twenty-second
issue of the Times. The write, marveling at Robert's braveness, said that
the principal ought to sweep his o mn door first before commencing to sweep
for others. 
Mr. Principal does not remember a few weeks ago, 
when he was to a dance at Centerville and was intoxicated. He could not be
a true American 
then by violating the dry law and the Eighteenth 
Amendment. I think men of that kind (who were) supposed to be a leader for
a good cause in the 
School District ought not to be a law breaker 
against the U.S.A., so I don't believe a man of that kind shouild say much
about others before he purifies himself first and be a good example for 
Communi ty.6 
W.R.. Lanxon, writing in the some issue, said that he felt rather sorry for
the children of the Hersey public school. This was especially so as Roberts
stoo-ced " .... to write such a brainless and unprovoked article...about
the Klan."7 Lanxon said he would not be surprised if it were a case
of the students themselves playing a joke on the principal. Even so, "....
if the cross was an temblem' of our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, then M!r.John
Roberts should have fallen down and worshipped, instead of boasting of destroying
it, as was done long,long ago on Calvary. It would have made him a better
man, surely a better educator.'"8 
6Anonymous, "The Fortua," The Toodville Times, May 22, 1925, p.
1. Roberts was principal of the Hersey Public School.. 
7W. R. Lanxon, "The Foruwm," The Woodville Times, May 22, 1925,
p. 1., 

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