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Turcheneske, John Anthony / The Ku Klux Klan in northwestern Wisconsin

Chapter 5: Klan happenings in St. Croix County,   pp. 81-92 PDF (3.8 MB)

Page 82

rangers, Roberts stated that, as on most other occasion±s, "....the
'Brave' Knights disappeared after the cross was lighted."2 Were the
cause of the Klan as honorable and just as the organization claimed it to
be, Roberts saw no reason why " least one Klansian wouldn't have
nerve enough to stay by the cross after it was lighted. Cowards and criminals
run away with cause after they do something they shouldn't, but of course
'True Americans' shouldn't. Brave men and True Americans have nothing to
be ashamed of."13 Consequently, it was not necessary for the individuals
involved to hide behind masks and shirts. Roberts did not blame some of them
for covering their faces if they were as 
"....sneaky looking as those tiat have been pointed out to me as belonging
to Klansmen. I have often believed that their bodies were of black fur with
a white stripe up the back, but it's barely possible they are not skunks."4
In conclusion, Roberts suggested the Klansmen tell their "....Kleagle,
Imperial Wizard, Grand Kackler or whatever you call him...." that it
was he who cut the wires which held the cross up and that he was not afraid
or ashamed to admit it.5 
2Jo   I., Roberts,  "The Porum," The Woodville Times, May 15, 1925,

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