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Turcheneske, John Anthony / The Ku Klux Klan in northwestern Wisconsin

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was no news of Klan activities after 1926 and it is with the closing of this
year that the study concludes.,4 
Basically, this study concerns itself with the Ku Klux Klan as a grass roots
movement in the aforementioned areas of northwestern Wisconsin., Investigation
was made with a view toward establishing the degree of the Klan's involvement
and influence vis-a vis the various facets of community life in these localities.
Three particular facets 
which evidenced Klan involvement were government, education and religion.
An attempt was also made to determine the Klan's operations and membership.
Before proceeding to a discussion of this study's 
thesis, a word is in order with regard to source material and the manner
of investigation. Several difficulties were 
encountered which prevented a more thorough investigation of the problem.
For one thing, no extant Klan records were discovered., A basic source of
this study was the weekly newspaper. Though seventeen journals were utilized,
a good many were not available for the following reasons. Several communities
such as Somerset had no newspaper published Juring the period investigated.
Newspaper files for Elmwood and Prescott were not on microfilm at the State
Historical Society of Wisconsin or available elsewhere., Other newspapers
such as those located at Balsam Lake, Imery, 
14The one exception to this concerns the Klan tent burning affair near Hudson.
This matter was settled out 
of court in May of 1927. 

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