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Turcheneske, John Anthony / The Ku Klux Klan in northwestern Wisconsin

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counties was available for Cornell ( Chippewa County), Clear 7fk6 (Polk County)
and Chetek (Barron County) only.10  As there was a more appreciable amount
of material available for St. Croix and Pierce Counties, a more detailed
study of these areas was possible.,1 Additionally, there were two incidents
in St. Croix County and one in Pierce County which lent themselves to treatment
as separate chapters.12 The content of the foregoing will be discussed briefly
at a later point in this introduction.. 
Insofar as the evidence indicates, the Ku Klux Klan 
entered northwestern Wisconsin in early 1924.13 The first areas to be affected
were Clear Lake, Cornell and Chetek. As such, the study of Klan activities
in northwestern Wisconsin commences with the year 1924 and the above mentioned
municipalities. The Fall of 1925 saw the Ku Klux Klan attempting to make
inroads in St. Croix and Pierce Counties with 1926 being the year of peak
activity.  There 
1OSee Chapters Two, Three and Four., 
11See Chapters Five and Eight., 
See Chapters Six, Seven and Nine.. 
13Father 1iinwegan mentions in his Memoirs that the Klan was involved in
Cornell affairs as early-a-s-F-22. A J. H. Neff was named as one of the Cornell
organizers of the local Klan. However, Neff testified at a preliminary hearing
at Hudson that he did not enter Wisconsin until 1924. He went directly to
Chippewa Falls frol Brovmsburg, Indiana vhere he first affiliated with the
Klan. For this reason, the Klan's first appeara-nce in Cornell is dated 1924.
See Chapters Three and Six. for further details., 

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