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[Wright's directory of Rock County for 1919 comprising an alphabetical arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a numerical street directory; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.]

W,   pp. 787-803

Page 800

Witkus Anthony crane opr h 1007 3d 
Witt Frank 0 carp h 1134 11th 
Witt Kenneth S eng h 615 Milwaukee rd 
Witt Laura htkpr Hilton Hotel h Huston Flats 
Witte Frank T (USA; Witte & Son) h 811 W Grand av 
Witte Fred plmbr h 766 W Grand av 
Witte Geo E plmbr h 1223 Oak 
Witte Harold student h 811 W Grand av 
Witte TheophiluB (Witte & Son) h 811 W Grand av 
W    -T & 1ON (Theophilus and Frank Witte) Meats 117 E 
Grand av Tel 93 
Witter Louis B h 1102 Ashley av 
Wittgarefe Carl stock distributer h 1904 Laurence av 
Wittich Chas foreman h 1063 Harrison av 
Witting N P Mrs instr High sch h 818 Church 
Wobig Arnold F electn h 827 Elm 
Wogan Richard mold h 1146 Harrison av 
Wolcott Geo bond sales h 820 Chapin 
* tWrFl2  'I~l_  . ...L1-.S1 1I. 1111t  OISL 
woa riveiLyn macnu a 11u v am 
Wold Henry woodwkr F M Co h 306 Milwaukee 
Wold Hjalmer mach opr h 1328 W Merrill av 
Wolden Helga dom h 683 Milwaukee rd 
Wolfe Arthur student h 728 Milwaukee rd 
Wolfe Claire A machhd h 1032 Lincoln av 
Wolfe Edw V mach b 1032 Lincoln av 
Wolfe Frank P (Wolfe & Becker) h 728 Milwaukee rd 
Wolfe Geo student h 1063 4th 
Wolfe Harry foreman Besley & Co h 1063 4th 
WOLYZ & BROKER (Frank P Wolfe, Henry E Becker) Hard-, 
ware, Stoves and Tinware 321 State Tel 854 
Wolfersperger Theo J mech h 1015 Central av 
Wolff Frank h 621  4th 
Wolfram Henry mach h 952 Vine 
Wolfram Jno G foreman h 924 Prairie av 
Wolfram Louise G Mrs bkpr Wis Farm Impt Co h 385 Vernon 
Woll Frank lab h 625 Hackett 
Woll Geo buyer h 734 10th 
Woll Hazel A elk Besley & Co h 816 W Grand av 
Woll Lawrence foreman Besley & Co h 816 W Grand av 
Woll Madeleine bkpr Day & O'Neal h 734 10th 
Woll Rose (wid Henry) h 625 Hackett 
rer City bd l        Umtte Len  Iinn@%mc  See er Write 
No An GRIESI           HR'NU Beloit Wise. 

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