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[Wright's directory of Rock County for 1919 comprising an alphabetical arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a numerical street directory; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.]

K,   pp. 656-668

Page 665

1% WORP     4    W 1           dI 
12 Wost-NMwankee.Sirst 
3% 1 h*Mgi 4 m       dftwla" of~hmu  boo"ps 
Knipshield Wm A carp h 1217 La Salle 
Knipwrath Walter maeh repr h 604 Pleasant 
Knott Hannah Mr R*wB Hayes av 2 . Forest Park blvd (SB) 
Knowles Win. P elk h 921 Gardeld av 
Knox Peter furnace tadr' 8 W 8 Corph 544 E Grand av 
Knudson Anna 0 elk Bailey & Sons Co h 682 Milwaukee rd 
Knudson Katie student h163 Milwaukee rd 
Knudson Martin10n'wkr h 6th nr limits 
Knudstad Norah tohr Gaston sch h 821 8th 
Knutson Barney mach h 1022 Lincoln av 
Knutson Knut maeh hd h 767 Bluff 
Knutson Ole maeh h 1014 8th 
Koch see also Cook and Kuck 
Koch Alice M (wtd Win) h 948d 
Koch Everett B mgr Belt dept F M Co h 2102 Fayette av 
Koch Harold F mach h 948 8d 
Koch Ivan W cook h 94k 3d 
Koch Marg elk h 1651 Prairie ay 
Koch Oscar lab h 1018 Vine 
Koch Ros A lab. h 1651 Prairie av 
Kochie  Anton (Kochicas Bros) h 428 Pleasant 
Kochicas Bros (John, Michael and Anton Koehicas) confr 312 
E Grand av 
Kochicas Jno (Kohieas Bros) h 428 Pleasant 
Kochicas Michl (Kochies Bros) h 428 Pleasant 
Kochicas Theo couf 20 B Grand av h same 
Koebernick Otto mach h 1239 Dewey av 
Koeberniek Win mach h 946 Church 
Koehl Jno repr h 1215 E Broad 
Koehler Win meech h 10651 Milwaukee rd 
Koenig Herman J lab h 34 Lathrop Terrace (SB) 
Koenig Wm mach h S Bluff Route 1 
Koepke Jno (71) died July 18 '17 
Koepke Reka (wid Jno) h 1116 W St Lawrence av 
Kofalias     lab F M Co h I Barrett av 
Kofalis Louis lah F M (o h 1 Barrett av 
Kohn Chas J supply dept h 743 Vine 
Kohn Edw C eleetn h 749 Vine 
Kohn Elroy (USA) h 748 Vine 
Kohn Viola elk Woolworth h 743 Vine 
Kolb Cora H (wid Arahi) h.1078 N College 
Kolbe Edw p elk Cutler Furniture Co h Grand Hotel 

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