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[Wright's directory of Rock County for 1919 comprising an alphabetical arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a numerical street directory; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.]

K,   pp. 656-668

Page 660

&... ....buinw I W.E~SS   . C1  mb-I 
665       1916 WRIGNTB ROCK OOUZ4TY DGU'RX   RY 
Kennedy Henry. W maoh hd h e a 6th 2 from city limits 
Kennedy Jasper maeh hd h 922 Jackson 
Kenned y Mil h 8"74 W Grand av 
Kennedy Rhoda (wid Geo H) h 922 Jackson 
Kennedy Boy mach hd h 922 Jackson 
Kenney Ann (wid. Jno 8) h 726 Bluff 
Kenney Arthur h 1118 Harrison av - 
Kenney Carl (USA) h 1110 Harrison. av 
Kenney Paul lab h 1110 Harr son av 
K    M  S & 8U (Frank Sand Sherman B Kent) Automobil 
Dealen and Truck Body Manufacturers 94 State (SB) (8o 
K   n~T  ANK 5 (P S and 8 E Kent) h 635 Park av 
" OTR"AN (F S & S Z Kent) h 927 Park 
Kent's Hall 96% State (SB) 
Kentwortz Abr (USA) h 889 8th 
Kentwortz Ernest (USA) h 839 8th 
Kentworts Morris clothing 313 State h 889 8th 
Kenyon see also Kinyon 
Kenyon Allen watchman City Ice Co h 940 Highland av 
Kenyon Chas (USA) h 802 Grant 
Kenyon Frank mach hd Bealey & Co h 802 Grant 
Kenyon Guy (USA) h 802 Grant 
Kenyon Mary h 802 Grant 
Kenyon Violet h'940 Highland av 
Kenyon Walter filer Besley & Co h 802 Grant 
Kenzie Clayton G grocer 81 8th h same 
Kenzie Maude rooming house 902 E Grand av h same 
Kenzie Wilson D h 00 Euclid av 
Kenzie Wilson D jr grocer 1023 4th and 416 8th h 1023 4th 
Kernin Wm electn h 202 W Liberty av 
Kerr Howard tmatr h 837 4th 
Kerr Rich elk F M Co h Morse av cor Pine 
Kerwin Emma Mrs h 751 Moore 
Kerwin Henry (USA) h 751 Moore 
Kerwin Jae brakeman h 751 Moore 
Kerwin Jno car imsp h 107 8th 
Kerwin Thos J foreman F M Co h 815 8th 
Kesoin Abr coremkr S W 8 Corp h 215 Prospect 
Kemaler Robt A alk (Tnarlem Rndnlnh h RM 4th 

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