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[Wright's directory of Rock County for 1919 comprising an alphabetical arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a numerical street directory; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.]

J,   pp. 649-656

Page 651

Jenkins Kath K (wid Henry) 
Jenkins Norman student h 31 
Jenkins Oliver nmaeh hd h 2, 1 
Jenkins Phoebe (*id Edwin) 
Jenkins Ralph J student h 82 
Jenkins Pty D mach hd Beale 
Jenkins Ray P shoe*kr J Faa 
Jenkins Seth maeh h 1426 0& 
Jenks Anthony J mach h 922 
Jenks Bert mach h 950 5th 
Jenson see also Jansen 
Jensen Carl h w a Moore I s 
Jensen Jens Julius master me 
Jensen Lawrence blksmth h I 
Jensen Nels lab h 1316 5th 
Jensen Oscar lab h 1816 5th 
Jensen Rudolph S carrier P C 
Jenson Olaf G ptrnmkr h 802 
Jepper Chas L barber N H St 
Jernberg Chas mach h 812 Qe 
Jernberg Edith h 812 Central 
Jernberg Ida (wid Chas) h 81 
Jero Clifford T mach hd h 75f 
Jero Fred mach hd h 808 W I 
Jero Harry mach hd F M Co'. 
Jero Thos mach hd F M Co h 
Jerome Chas D time kpr Gast 
Jerome Frank G pntr h 2, 10( 
Jeuck Philip H sheet met wk 
Jewish Synagogue Louis Man 
Jiacalone Jos lab h 616 Inger 
Jiannacopoulos Jas L mgr Be 
Jinkerson Edw mach opr h 1( 
Jiricek Theo mach Besley & ( 
JOBI O(ADY 00 (Charles 
142 State Tel 924 Retail S 
Jobe Chas R (Jobe Candy Co 
Jobe Geo W (USA) h 305 Stb 
John Harry lab h 654 Pleasam 
John Stephen lab h 654 Pleas 
Johns Bertha h 110 Oak Grov 
Johns Emory S mach h 936 'V 
2..  ... ll Il   .. Ev 

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