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[Wright's directory of Rock County for 1919 comprising an alphabetical arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a numerical street directory; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.]

Street guide,   pp. [61]-123

Page 76

76 Forest Park blvd 1919 STREET GUIDE  Frankln 
108 Edw Duthie 
Jag Scott 
114 Wm Zuill 
115 Norman Parker 
126 Wm C Duthie 
127 Mrs Victoria Potter 
132 Arthur MeArthur 
Helen MeArthur china dec- 
133 Elmer C Witherall 
139 Robt A Arnold 
145 Jas Caldwell 
146 Frank P Smiley 
151 Chas Corrado 
8 Sd Intersects 
209 Jno A MeDonough 
215 Mrs Sophia Marksman 
Mrs Albertina Rau 
227 Wm Buchanan 
232 Wm R Pember 
8 3d intersecta 
309 Howard W Lee 
314 Gustave A Anders 
320 Benj F Cary 
327 Geo Berrett 
332 Irving R Hippenmeyer 
Oakland av intersects 
403 Benj Enlow 
FOURTH AV, from 400 N Main n e 
to Prospect av 
108 Benjamin Barriage 
109 Bert Dorn 
112 Thous F Abbott 
115 Wm Fathers 
N Bluff Intersects 
209 Kennedy Flats 
1 Jay Hymers 
2 M C Bain 
3 Clarence G Heitladge 
4 Roy 0 Ellis 
215 Lars Engelbretson 
219 Levi B Canniff 
Louis D Gage 
220 Wm Luebke 
222 Frank De Lambert 
224 Mrs Caroline Morris 
Mrs Ella L Slocum 
Hickory begins 
303 Mrs Mary Peters 
304 Edward Simmons 
Jno Hemming 
Percy H J Balton 
Mrs Louise Skelly 
Win F MeCue 
FRAXILLIN jN), from 128 Co 
Exchange to Mineral Pt av 
13 Herbert Wooster si1 
15 1 Vacant 
2 Mrs Mamie Pohlwain 
Frank Corwin 
16 Geo D Little vet sur, 
16-18 American Railway EiPrt 
Co barn 
19 Eller Bros horseshoers 
20 Chas Bugga 'al 
2 Geo B Lemke 
21-23 J D & E G owen lightnii 
24 Elmer J Manning auto repai 
Wall intrer 
102 Thos F McKeigue t igar ml 
103 1 Geo H Easer 
311 Win H Barriage 
326 E Bert Dennett 
328 Carl J B Pabst 
Wmliams bq 
402 Leslie D Barker 
406 Elmer L Spencer 
407 Vacant 
408 Mrs Dora Bar 
415 Floyd Hain 
417 Frank Kopp 
418 Mrs Mary Kne 
Wensel J Nickel 
421 Anton J Hanauska 
424 Edw H Chadderdon 
428 Jno H Gately 
429 Wm T Thiele piano tuner 
Bower City Band 
435 Leonard J Jerg 
Oornella intens 
503 Susie M Hutchinson 
509 Vacant 
521 Wm Brummond 
Caroline inte 
601 Harry W   Sheldon 
609 Mrs Johanna Koeniptlein 
612 Dr Dani J Leary 
615 Harold H Green 
5th av intersN 
He Anptroin, Do GoC.     nsu 
(s---Aflklg  Janzasl (DIOPRA(TOR 
Both Ph   sr * 

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